'Real Housewives Of Orange County': Vicki Gunvalson Ends Family Feud With Son-In-Law Ryan Culberson

Vicki Gunvalson and Ryan Culberson went to war on Instagram last week but according to a new report, the Real Housewives of Orange County star and her son-in-law have since put their drama to rest.

According to a July 9 report from Radar Online, the drama between Gunvalson and Culberson, who is married to the reality star's daughter Briana, began around the Fourth of July holiday when Culberson posted a photo of his family with Briana's former stepfather and Gunvalson's ex-husband, Donn Gunvalson.

"Interesting how you always post photos of Donn there, but never me. Enjoy your visit!" Gunvalson wrote in the comments section of the photo.

After a number of fans saw what Gunvalson had said, many called her out for being jealous of the relationship her former husband still has with her daughter and her family. She was also accused of making a mistake by divorcing Donn years ago. However, according to Gunvalson, she isn't jealous of Briana's relationship with Donn and doesn't believe he was a "great dad" to her two kids when they were married.

"No jealousy here! Great dad?" she asked.

Gunvalson's son, Michael Wolfsmith, also got in on the action, slamming Donn for failing at being a stellar dad to himself and Briana and claiming Donn didn't tell him he loved him until after he and Gunvalson split.

"He sucked! He told me he loved me the day they got divorced, about 15 years after being my 'dad,'" Michael said.

In response to the drama, Culberson fired at his mother-in-law for "drunk posting drama" on his page. He also denied that his photo with Donn was not meant to be hurtful to Gunvalson.

Days later, an insider told Radar Online that Vicki Gunvalson was done with her Instagram drama with son-in-law Ryan Culberson.

"She doesn't want any animosity with Donn and her family," the insider explained. "It's just hard for Vicki to be away from them. She needs to accept they moved and that they will have Donn there, too."

"Vicki loves her family and wants everyone to be happy," the source continued. "It is very difficult for her to see them sharing pictures with Donn."

In addition to her drama with Culberson this month, Gunvalson was also involved in a feud with her son-in-law last month after he accused her of "neglecting" her grandchildren, Troy and Owen, and allegedly ignoring their many FaceTime calls to her.