Meghan Markle & Prince Harry's Two-Day Ireland Tour Is Set To Boost Irish Economy

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are all set for their first trip overseas as a married couple as they make way to Dublin. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are scheduled to meet the president and the taoiseach of Ireland during this trip.

According to Express, the couple will visit a few key Irish attractions during their two-day tour, including the Famine Memorial, the Trinity College, the Irish Emigration museum, and Croke Park for the Gaelic Sports Festival. Markle and Prince Harry will also visit DogPatch Labs as well as a garden party hosted at the residence of the British ambassador.

Paul Kelly – who is the national tourism development authority of Ireland – says the royal couple is very welcomed. Furthermore, Kelly speculates the two-day tour by Meghan and Prince Harry will have a massive boost on the Irish tourism economy as a whole. So, enthusiasm is currently running rampant across Ireland.

Kelly expressed how grateful he was about the decision to visit Ireland in a detailed statement to Express.

"We are delighted that Meghan and Harry have chosen Ireland for their first trip abroad as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and that they are visiting some of Dublin's brilliant visitor attractions. Their visit is hugely positive for Dublin and Ireland and we hope millions of people worldwide will get a flavour of Irish culture and history. With so much media attention on the trip, all eyes will be on Ireland this week, giving us amazing exposure abroad and highlighting our rich and diverse tourism industry, and excellent visitor experiences, to an international audience."
Paul believes the media microscope the Duke and Duchess are under with every move they make will have a positive ripple effect on businesses all across Ireland. Kelly also explained that as the national development authority, he would do everything he could to make sure the Irish can capitalize on the "afterglow of the visit" of Meghan and Prince Harry.
Kelly isn't the only one enthusiastic for the two-day Irish tour. Neville Idsell – the chairman of the Irish Emigration Museum (EPIC) – has high hopes that the visit is just what Ireland needs to spread knowledge about Irish culture all over the planet.

Neville noted it would be an "honor" to welcome the royal couple to EPIC, and that he was looking forward to telling them all about Irish history and culture.

According to Express, a spokesperson of Kensington Palace confirmed the Duke and Duchess are equally excited about the two-day tour and cannot wait to learn about Irish culture and history.

All eyes will be on Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, and all of Ireland during this two-day royal tour.