Build-A-Bear Announces Single Day ‘Pay-Your-Age’ Deal For Any Furry Companions

Adam BettcherGetty Images

It doesn’t matter if you’re a young child or simply young at heart, Build-A-Bear Workshops are great ways to have a lot of fun and to find a new friend. The well-known chain of stores allows visitors to come in and design their own stuffed animal (bears and more), but the price isn’t always right for everyone. That’s why the company is looking to give back to its loyal customers, and they are introducing a single day “Pay-Your-Age” deal that simply can’t be beaten.

There had been some whispers and rumors swirling around social media the last couple of days, but Build-A-Bear made sure that everyone knew the truth on Monday.

The official website for Build-A-Bear released all of the details for their one-day “Pay-Your-Age” deal that will be taking place in their stores. On July 12, 2018, guests visiting the store will be able to pick out a “furry friend” and you will pay no more than what your actual age is, but there are a few requirements.

It’s nothing overly complicated. The main catch is that you need to be a member of the Build-A-Bear Workshop Bonus Club. It’s free to sign up for the club and become a member, but some may be thinking that they don’t want to pay their age for a furry friend if they’re a grown adult.

Don’t worry, Build-A-Bear has you covered.


If you go into Build-A-Bear with someone who is 6 years old, they will pay just $6 for their furry friend and be able to bring them home. There is a $1 minimum for your purchase, but there is also a maximum which will help everyone out.

Build-A-Bear Workshop has made sure to let everyone know that the oldest anyone will be in their eyes is 29 years old on July 12. Guests will pay no more than $29 plus tax for any furry friend in stock in the store. That means if you’re 29 or 40 or 65, you’re still not going to pay more than $29.

While the accessories and clothing are still going to be regular price, you can’t help but be happy about the deal on your friends. Saving money on your furry friends will allow you a little extra cash to be able to grab some more clothes and things that will make them ready for any occasion.

Build-A-Bear Workshop doesn’t ever want anyone to venture the world alone, but they don’t want everyone to have the exact same friends either. By allowing their guests to customize and create their own friends, they are giving them the chance to have one match their personality and style. On “Pay-Your-Age” Day, they are giving everyone the opportunity to bring home a close friend of their very own for a very low price.