Princess Charlotte Looks Just Like Her Mama

Dominic LipinskiGetty Images

Today was Prince Louis’ christening, and Princess Charlotte showed up looking an awful lot like her mama, Kate Middleton, looked like when she was a little girl. Time goes by so quickly, and the little princess, now three, looks more and more like her mom the more time that passes.

According to a Pop Sugar report, not only does Princess Charlotte look like her mom, the Duchess of Cambridge, but the little girl also looks like her paternal great-grandma (granny?), Queen Elizabeth II. Photos of Kate around age 4 show that she and Charlotte share an incredibly similar serious look, which is the facial expression the older sister of Prince Louis sported today during his baptism at the Chapel Royal in London.

In addition to similar facial expressions, Princess Charlotte also appears to share similar lips, eyes, and nose as her mom. Although pictures from little Kate’s younger days were much less poised than those of Charlotte, the resemblance is easy to see. After all, when Kate grew up, she wasn’t a member of the British Royal Family like Charlotte, which likely accounts for the differences in hairstyle and poise.

The Inquisitr reported that Princess Charlotte debuted a slightly new hairstyle at today’s special event. The royal sister wore her hair with a middle part, and then she accessorized it with a pretty blue headband by Pepa & Co. The adorable hair accessory matched well with Charlotte’s smocked blue patterned dress. Paired with Dona Carmen “Mercedita Suela” blue shoes, the middle child of Prince William and Kate Middleton looked a vision.


Throughout the christening, Princess Charlotte held her dad’s hand and greeted guests at her little brother’s big day. Naturally, she took her sisterly duties seriously, and she even greeted the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, with a lovely little handshake. Charlotte’s signature royal wave also made an appearance during Prince Louis’ christening.

Unfortunately, Queen Elizabeth II was unable to attend today’s event because of her busy schedule, the Inquisitr reported. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge came to an agreement in advance about the baby’s great grandma’s absence. Later this week, the queen plans to host United States President Donald Trump at Windsor Castle on Friday, which is just one of the significant events on her schedule this week.

Prince Louis ended up with six godparents, but none of them ended up being newlyweds Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. However, the Duke and Duchess attended alongside their family.