Meghan Markle Slammed For ‘Drab’ Green Ralph Lauren Dress

Dominic LipinskiAP Images

On Price Louis’ special christening day, Meghan Markle stepped out in a khaki-green dress that while some think was “chic,” others are calling “drab.” Meghan paired the dress with a hat by Stephen Jones of the same color.

In comments on an article by the Daily Mail, people said that “Harry should have coordinated his suit to her dress, they’re tonally mismatched,” while others said, “And who picked that bloody dress – harry?”

Others wondered why she chose the muted green dress for an event in July, saying, “Nice dress, for autumn. In this glorious sunshine, a summery colour of some sort would have looked good.” Meanwhile, some fans saw that she was holding matching leather gloves, which seemed odd to them considering the weather.

Perhaps people were hoping for something more fresh and vibrant, especially after she finally sported a colorful outfit last Thursday. Then, Meghan wore a bright yellow Brandon Maxwell dress, which was both youthful and attention-grabbing.

Prior to the yellow dress, however, Meghan wore a ton of muted colors and blush tones, which some believe was out of respect for the queen.

Most other people in attendance at Prince Louis’ christening wore white, blue, purple, and pink. So in comparison, Meghan stood out with her khaki-green outfit.


Perhaps it’s more of the color that’s drawing criticism, because the cut of the dress is arguably sophisticated. The boat neckline is conservative yet flowy, and the three-fourth sleeves give it a formal look.

But it’s true that Meghan and Prince Harry’s outfits didn’t really match, as the prince wore a sharp blue suit with a light blue tie with white polka dots.

This was the first time that Meghan and Prince Harry were seen with Prince Louis. Prince Harry reportedly gifted Louis with a first-edition Winnie-the-Pooh book, while there’s speculation that Meghan gifted Louis with something handmade, according to Vanity Fair.

The Winnie-the-Pooh book is believed to be a rare copy from 1926, and will be part of a library for Louis in memory of Princess Diana, said Metro. Sources believed that he was considering Lewis Carroll’s Through The Looking Glass instead, which would have cost £24,000. The book is just one of only 30,000 copies ever produced.


Meanwhile, at the christening, Kate Middleton wore a white Alexander McQueen dress and a Jane Taylor headpiece, looking radiant, reported People. Kate reportedly also wore McQueen outfits for Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s christenings, so it’s become somewhat of a tradition.