White Supremacy Groups Spreading Recruitment Flyers In Fauquier & Prince William Counties

Steve HelberAP

Residents in Prince William and Fauquier Counties were surprised to find bags filled with birdseed and white supremacist literature this past weekend. According to the Prince William Times, local police received multiple calls this weekend from residents who woke up on Sunday morning to find the bags at the end of their driveway. The targeted homes seemed to have been chosen at random.

In a press release detailing the incident, Prince William County police spokesman Officer Nathan J. Probus noted that the pamphlets “appeared to be recruiting material for the Ku Klux Klan.”

In the city of Warrenton, which is located in Fauquier County, the flyers were randomly placed in residential areas. According to Warrenton Interim Police Chief Daniel Boring, “residents on Norfolk Drive, Foxcroft Road, Evans Road and Fauquier Road” He said that the police are currently investigating the incident and are not looking to comment any further.

The Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office stated that “many flyers were collected over the weekend.”

Sgt. James Hartman of the Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office said they don’t want to comment on the incident, as it will only legitimize whatever group chose to leave the flyers.

“FCSO is not issuing a release as it only serves to give this group exposure, which is exactly what they want.”

He added that they were working with other local agencies on this incident. Though this incident counts as little more than littering, he did acknowledge that it was unsettling.

This isn’t the first time this incident has occurred in this region. According to Inside Nova, the same flyers were found in the region back in April and for several months prior. The M.O. was the same: a bag of birdseed and propaganda leaflets were left in random residential areas. Then, like now, the pamphlets seemed to be as much about recruitment as it is about intimidating residents of color. During the incident in April and this past weekend, there did not seem to be any unknown cars or suspicious people in the area.

In November, the Fauquier Times reported receiving a pamphlet reportedly from the “Loyal White Knights of the KKK.” The flyer appeared to be seeking recruitment. In addition to noting that the Loyal White Knights was there to stand for the “whites,” it also stated, “We are the invisible empire, have been for 150 years. We are in every state. You will not be alone anymore.”

The phone number on this particular flyer had a North Carolina area code, which led to a message that advocated violence, particularly towards immigrants.

There was no indication as to whether the flyer sent to the Fauquier Times and what was left recently in residential neighborhoods are the same.