North West Makes Her Modeling Debut Alongside Mom Kim Kardashian For New Fendi Campaign

Amanda Lynne

North West is taking after her famous mother. The five-year-old has officially made her modeling debut alongside her mom, Kim Kardashian, and grandmother, Kris Jenner, for a brand new Fendi campaign.

According to a July 9 report by People Magazine, North West made her modeling debut with her mom and grandmother in order to celebrate the 10th-anniversary launch of Fendi's Peekaboo bag. The three ladies were photographed sitting together with their Fendi bags in L.A. at a peaceful looking location during an intimate moment together.

North West appears to be laughing hard in the photograph while Kim Kardashian looks down at her smiling daughter. Meanwhile, Kris Jenner is seen in the background of the photo sitting behind the duo while looking lovingly at her own daughter.

"We have chosen to collaborate with family-related members that have been relevant in general, as well as known as a family, from the more controversial ones, who more and more express a courageous point of view and they have a vision, to more unexpected and unexplored ones," Fendi's chief executive officer Serge Brunschwig told WWD of the campaign.

In a second photo, North West stands next to Kris Jenner in front of a swimming pool while Kim Kardashian stands out in the foreground sitting on the diving board, her purse at her feet. The photo was shot in black and white with the L.A. scenery in the background.

TMZ reports that photographers captured North having a bit of a temper tantrum about going into the establishment, and her father, Kanye West, was forced to pick up the little girl, who was carried kicking and screaming into the restaurant.

Once inside, it seems that North West settled down, and was even thrilled to see the special birthday cake that was made for her. The cake, which was multi-layered and rainbow-colored, spilled candy once Kim Kardashian cut into it, which seemed to make her oldest daughter happy, forgetting about whatever was upsetting her earlier in the day.

Lately, Kim Kardashian has been posting more and more photos of little North West, and it seems she could have a modeling career ahead of her.