‘Fortnite’ Creators Keep Fans Guessing At New Storyline Ahead Of Season 5 Release

Christian PetersonGetty Images

Video game Fornite has clearly taken the world by storm at this point, and for just reasons. Released to consoles on a free-to-play basis less than a year ago on September 26, 2017, it quickly became the world’s number one played video game and developed itself a deep and compelling narrative that keeps players constantly questioning what is going to happen next in their favorite virtual world.

That mantra is exactly what Epic Games, creators of Fortnite are capitalizing on right now, just three days ahead of the release of their highly anticipated Season 5 iteration of the game.

Being the first of its kind to truly achieve success in a game of this nature on such a massive scale, Fortnite is using its success to take immersive multiplayer games to an entirely new level, allowing players all to be a part of the same ever-changing environment following a truly mind-blowing plot line.

For the game’s change from Season 3 to Season 4, creators ominously placed a meteor in the sky and hid clues all over the map as to what may be impending, leading to a massive strike destroying multiple locations in the game, which then implemented a new storyline of superheroes, villains, and gave players access to powers of their own within the game.

Building on this hype, developers crafted another truly breathtaking massive in-game event in which on June 30, at a specific time if logged into the game, you were able to witness a massive rocket launch that ended up causing what appears to be an inter-dimensional rift in the sky above the Fornite island.

Following this main break in the sky above, smaller rifts opened up around the game’s map, swallowing up landmark signs and seemingly disappearing after, even culminating in one of the signs actually appearing in real life.


Fans have long been speculating what this all could mean, but recent leaks, as well as a Twitter post to the official Fortnite account, indicate that the game could take historical elements for its next season.

The post shows a picture of what appears to resemble a traditional Egyptian mask, and fans have already speculated that pyramids may be placed into the game due to a trailer for the new “Playground” limited time game mode that was recently added.

In that same trailer, fans also saw what appeared to be a shoot-out in a western town, and leaks of new patch files for the game corroborate this theory with hundreds of photos of different in-game elements such as chairs, horse troughs, wagon wheels, cacti, and other western items.

With less than 72 hours to go, fans will simply have to wait and see what Epic Games has in store for the next iteration of its biggest game, but given that it currently has the highest number of active players it ever has, the developers most definitely will not want to disappoint.