Fitness Trainer Anna Kaiser Reveals Shakira's Workout Program

Inquisitr Staff

Shakira is known as one of the most high-energy and in-shape women in the music industry. Her concerts are two hours of running, jumping, playing multiple instruments, and of course, singing and dancing. It takes a lot to keep in shape to perform at the high level Shakira does, which is why to prepare for her 55-date "El Dorado" world tour, Shaki, as she is affectionately known, began preparing for the tour with Anna Kaiser a full four months prior to the first show.

Shakira has been working with Kaiser for about eight years now. Kaiser works with Shakira on both her fitness regimen and diet to keep her in peak condition. Kaiser told Us that Shakira requires a comprehensive workout plan because she does so many different things during her show and that her body is constantly being stressed in a variety of ways. Sometimes she's jumping through trap doors, while other times she's running all over the stage. Add in playing drums and guitar, and you have a performer that is constantly on the move. When you consider the type of dancing Shaki does on stage each show, muscle pulls, cramps, and strains are always a threat that could derail a show.

"We focused on leaning out, strengthening her core and boosting her booty — and then toning her arms like crazy."

Kaiser laid out a plan that generally followed a set formula which included about a half hour of dancing each day accompanied by another half hour of strength training. Twice weekly, Shakira would hit the pool for a 45-minute water workout, which is great for cardio and toning up without putting too much stress on her joints. Kaiser would then supplement the workouts with whatever activities she felt would provide the best results to get Shaki ready for the stage.

The second half of Shakira's fitness routine centered around her meals. Kaiser had Shaki eating several small meals each day rather than three big ones. This was in part to help keep her fueled for workouts and also as a means of portion control so the urge to binge after a tough workout was dampened down.

"I wanted to make sure that she was eating multiple times a day, revving up her metabolism," Kaiser tells Us. "I bumped up the amount of times she ate every day with small amounts of food that would fill her up — she would snack on a creamy asparagus soup that was lightly salted."

Shakira was allowed a coffee to get her heart rate up, and even a bit of chocolate now and then when she was working in the studio. Her meals were mostly made up of carbs, fats, and proteins the singer got through foods such as turkey sausage and feta cheese. Judging by the early feedback of Shakira's stage shows, it was all worth it as the Latina heartthrob and Grammy winner is drawing rave reviews.