Watch Netflix’s ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Trailer & Find Out Why Suzanne Isn’t Coping Well

Jamie McCarthyGetty Images

The official Orange is the New Black trailer has landed and it is hot! According to Danielle Brooks, who plays Tasha “Taystee” Jefferson, this season of OITNB will be different as the inmates’ true agendas come to light.

“Good morning Litchfield Max, and greetings to our new cookies!”

For one, they are no longer at Litchfield Penitentiary, but they have been moved to the maximum center thanks to the three-day riot where two prison guards died. Fans will remember that Season 5 of OITNB ended where Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling), Alex Vause (Laura Prepon), Galina “Red” Reznikov (Kate Mulgrew), Nicky Nicholson (Natasha Lyonn), Taystee, Cindy Hayes (Adrienne C. Moore), Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren (Uzo Aduba), Blanca Flores (Laura Gómez) and Frieda Berlin (Dale Soules) stood hand-in-hand while they waited for the armed officers to forcibly remove them from the prison.

Red sums it up when she says, “They want us to go down, regardless of what we did or didn’t do.” The inmates are being interrogated and it seems as if some may even turn on each other. According to Digital Spy, OITNB fans will remember that Maria (Jessica Pimentel) betrayed Gloria (Selenis Levya) who was trying to escape to see her son who was undergoing a serious operation. But Red has a strong message for the new order.

“You don’t know how strong my girls are. We have iron wills, and f***ing nothing to lose.”

Suzanne is also not coping with life in the new prison system. She knows this is not home and can’t seem to adjust.

“First, my friends become not my friends, “Suzanne tells Piper, then cuts to a clip of her approaching Cindy and Taystee is shown where they give her dead looks. “And then I’m given a color that others wanna fight.” Piper explains, “Blues and khakis have beef with each other. Pinks are safe out there.” Suzanne is wearing a pink uniform, while Piper wears a blue one.

Similarly, the newly pregnant Lorna (Yael Stone) is also finding the adjustment difficult. She complains that life is very different in Max. “My Bunkie, she does four poops a day,” she tells Piper while they stand in a queue.

Perhaps Taystee feels she has the most to lose, as she was the ringleader for the riot when Poussey was killed. She admits that she is scared and, “They’re coming for me, but I’m gonna keep standing up.”

Fan favorite Daya (Dascha Polanco) also returns after she gave herself up after shooting officer Humphrey (Michael Torpey) in the leg. He was recovering but sadly, he didn’t make it because Kukudio (Emily Althaus) blew oxygen bubbles in his IV.

According to TV Line, another memorable character who returns is Lolly Whitehill (Lori Petty). She can be seen at the 1:23 mark on the trailer. OITNB fans will remember her from Season 4. Alex had killed Kubra’s hitman who was after her, but because Lolly was acting so irrationally, it was assumed that she had offed him. At that point, they had taken her to the psychiatric ward. Could she have something to do with Alex’s disappearance? (Don’t worry Alex does feature in Season 6; she just had a baby when they started shooting Season 6).

Orange Is the New Black will air on July 27 on Netflix.