‘General Hospital’ Weekly Preview Spoilers: Michael Prepares To Marry Nelle And His Loved Ones Are Rattled

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital spoilers for the week of July 9 hint that there are chaotic developments on the way, especially related to Michael and Nelle. Now that Michael has determined that Nelle has been playing him and he wants Carly freed, he is coming up with extreme plans to gain the upper hand. The latest video promo for the week teases that wedding bells will ring, but not everybody will be feeling cheery about it.

Michael proposed to Nelle and has made it clear he wants them to wed quickly. Of course, this isn’t a problem for Nelle, as she thinks she is on the verge of getting everything she has ever wanted. Unfortunately for her, Michael isn’t exactly being honest with his bride-to-be.

The new General Hospital spoiler promo shared via Twitter teases that this is the week that viewers must vow to watch, and Nelle can be seen in a wedding dress. Michael will meet with Alexis, talking about how everything changes from that point forward, and Carly is flipping out at Ferncliff over the idea of this wedding taking place.

While it does appear that Nelle and Michael make it to their wedding day, General Hospital spoilers hint that Nelle will hit some rocky moments during the middle of the week. She’ll be left shaken at one point and have a setback at another, but these challenges don’t appear to alert her to the trouble she’s about to face.


As viewers know, Michael has talked with Chase and Jordan about a plan to trap Nelle. They are aiming to have Michael fake his death, a risky move considering that they aim to keep everybody else in the dark. Given how much Morgan’s death still impacts Carly, it seems pretty cruel to lead her to believe that Michael dies too.

How far will this scheme go? Will Michael really marry Nelle, and how will they aim to trap Nelle during their plan to fake his death? General Hospital spoilers from TV Source Magazine indicate that during the week of July 16, Nelle will turn to Chase for something. He’ll surely do his best to convince her that he’s on her side as she faces what comes next, all the while trying to bury her once and for all.

The buzz is that actress Chloe Lanier will be leaving General Hospital soon and additional spoilers about how that happens should become available soon. Will Michael’s plan ultimately work, and what comes of the baby Nelle is carrying that is supposedly his as this all moves forward?