Johnny Depp Sued By Gregg ‘Rocky’ Brooks For Attack While Shooting ‘City Of Lies’

Vianney Le Caer / InvisionAP Images

Actor Johnny Depp is being sued by Gregg “Rocky” Brooks after Brooks said the actor attacked him while shooting the film City of Lies. TMZ reported that according to a source, Depp told a crew member on the film that he would “give him $100K to punch him in the face.” Brooks is now seeking retribution in the form of a lawsuit.

Brooks was hired as a location manager in 2017 during filming for the movie City of Lies, which tells the story of rapper Biggie Smalls’ murder. In the film, Depp plays LAPD detective Russell Poole, who investigated the late rapper’s killing.

The crew member alleges that Depp hired two of Brooks’ friends to work on a scene in downtown Los Angeles on April 13, 2017. Brooks alleges the scene wasn’t working and that they only had “one more shot” at finishing it on time. Brooks then informed Depp that they only had one chance left to finish the scene.

TMZ reported that the lawsuit alleges that Brooks was “concerned” about Depp’s “volatility” and attempted to get some security from a Los Angeles Police Department officer for “protection.”

Brooks claims Depp attacked him and angrily screamed, “Who the f*** are you? You have no right to tell me what to do” and punched him twice in the rib cage.

The crew member alleges, according to TMZ, that he did not react to Depp’s reported outburst to which the actor “screamed” at him stating, “I will give you $100,000 to punch me in the face right now.”

Depp’s bodyguards reportedly removed him from the area. Brooks alleges that Depp was drunk during the incident. The suit against the actor by Brooks reportedly seeks unspecified damages.

The reportedly troubled actor recently confirmed rumors that he wears an earpiece while acting in an interview with Rolling Stone so he is able to act “with his eyes” in the style of the great silent movie film legends and defended the practice despite drawing criticism for it.

Inquisitr previously reported that Depp confirmed this longstanding industry rumor to Rolling Stone, stating that there are sounds fed to him to help him portray the characters he embodies in his film roles.

“I’ve got bagpipes, a baby crying and bombs going off,” said Depp. “It creates a truth. Some of my biggest heroes were in silent film. It had to be behind the eyes. And my feeling is, that if there’s no truth behind the eyes, doesn’t matter what the [expletive] words are.”