Jonathan Rhys Meyers Detained At LAX For Fighting And Smoking

Eamonn M. McCormackGetty Images for BFI

These days, there’s very little you can do “wrong” on a plane before you’re detained, but when you’re fighting and smoking on a plane, the long arm of the law is going to catch up with you, and quickly.

And Jonathan Rhys Meyers found this out the hard way when he was detained at Los Angeles International Airport after he got into a fight, mid-air, with his wife, while also smoking an e-cigarette.

The Daily Mail reports that the Vikings star and award-winning actor was flying to Los Angeles from Miami with his wife, Mara, and their one-year-old son.

No one is sure what triggered the fight, but what is known is that Jonathan Rhys Meyers began to get “verbally abusive” to Mara in the process of the altercation.

Even worse, Meyers — who is said to be a recovering addict — was drinking heavily at the time, and some “upset” passengers reported that he was “drunk” as he berated his wife.

To calm down from the fight, Meyers allegedly then got up to go to the bathroom, where he smoked an e-cigarette.

Smoking e-cigarettes — or cigarettes of any kind — is a federal offense and could result in fines up to $4,000 per violation.

However, when TSA officials detained Jonathan Rhys Meyers at LAX, they called the FBI, who then refused to get involved.

As a result, they had no choice but to release the Velvet Goldmine actor.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers, however, has been enjoying a bit of good publicity as of late.

According to BBC America, he’s currently on a press tour to promote Damascus Cover, the last film that the late John Hurt ever performed in.

Meyers plays Ari Ben-Sion, a government undercover agent, in the film which also stars Olivia Thirlby. The film originally made its premiere at the 2017 Boston Film Festival, where it won a grand total of six awards.

A spy thriller in the vein of the James Bond franchise — and rumored to be Meyers’ “calling card” for the franchise when Daniel Craig was still in contract negotiations — Damascus Cover is based on the 1977 Howard Kaplan novel of the same name.

Meyers stars opposite Hurt, who plays Miki, Ari’s contact on the “inside.” Hurt passed away shortly after filming wrapped.

Check out the trailer for the film below.

With a complex storyline and strong character development, Daniel Berk’s debut effort starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers is going to receive a nationwide release on July 20, 2018.