Former NFL Player Brandon Browner Arrested On Multiple Felony Charges

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Former NFL player Brandon Browner has been arrested on multiple felony chargers which include kidnapping. Browner, who last played in the NFL in 2016 with the Seattle Seahawks, also spent parts of his career with the New England Patriots, Denver Broncos, and New Orleans Saints, as well as four seasons in the Canadian Football League with the Calgary Stamperders. At the time of his arrest, Browner was a member of the AFL Roadrunners, who he last played for on Saturday night in a game in Kennesaw, Georgia.

This isn’t Browner’s first time having trouble with the law. In fact, this is the fourth time in the last 14 months that Browner has been arrested, with charges ranging from possession of cocaine, making threats, battery, child endangerment, and violating the terms of his probation. It is in large part why Browner had to begin playing football for leagues other than the NFL. He earned the restraining order against his ex, whose name is being withheld for her safety, earlier in the year when Browner tried to break into her home through a window, according to records obtained by CBS.

Browner had also been charged with assaulting his child’s grandfather in 2016, but the case fell through when witnesses stopped co-operating with investigators. He was suspended from the NFL in the 2013-14 season for a violation of the league’s substance abuse program for the use of performance-enhancing drugs.

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This time, he was arrested in La Verne, California, where it is alleged he broke into the house of an ex-girlfriend and stole a Rolex watch estimated to be valued at around $20,000. According to the Washington Post, he also threatened to kill her, faces charges for violating of a protective order, kidnapping, false imprisonment, and burglary. Browner is currently being held at the Men’s Central Jail in Los Angeles, and his bail has been set at $10 million.

Browner was one of only a handful of players that have won back-to-back Super Bowl rings with different teams. Despite having been an integral part of each team, various off-field problems continued to plague Browner. In 2015, he played his final NFL game for the New Orleans Saints, before moving on to sporadic stints in secondary leagues between legal issues.

It is not believed that Browner will make bail, and no word has been given regarding his legal representation, if any. Former teammates and associates of Browner have declined to provide comments thus far. No date has been set for a trial, and the latest information points to Browner remaining in the L.A. Men’s Central Jail for the foreseeable future.