‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Obrecht’s Scheme Is On The Verge Of Exploding, Nina May Face Trouble As A Result

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This could be a big week for viewers hoping to see the end of Peter’s cabin captivity, according to the latest General Hospital spoilers. Fans haven’t necessarily known what to make of young Wyatt visiting Peter at the cabin, but it seems that his presence is going to be the key to bringing an end to this nutty storyline.

General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps hint that during Monday’s show, Nina will have fantastic timing in some sense. Given the fact that Wyatt was working on trying to free Peter during Friday’s episode, it may be that this is all related. For example, perhaps Nina will manage to make it back to the cabin before Wyatt can untie Peter and the young boy will take off, leaving Peter still in captivity.

Despite this setback of Peter remaining tied up, Wyatt apparently does his best to step up and get help for Peter. It sounds as if the young boy will turn out to be one of Franco’s art therapy patients, and General Hospital spoilers suggest that Wyatt will open up to Franco about a man he found in the woods. Franco is said to be quite curious, and this will pave the way to serious action with this storyline.


Soon the guys will manage to connect Liesl to this mysterious situation, but it doesn’t sound as if they’ll realize that the man being held is Peter. General Hospital spoilers indicate that before the week is over, Franco will connect with Finn and they will start trying to find the cabin.

Viewers know that Franco and Obrecht have a serious bond with one another, so he may find himself in a sticky situation here. In addition, General Hospital spoilers detail that Liesl will see or overhear Wyatt filling Finn and Franco in on the cabin situation and she’ll be scrambling. Franco will be asking her some questions, but she won’t be able to convince him to let this go.

Monday’s show will bring some talk between Nina and Maxie, and Maxie will admit that she doesn’t actually want to see Peter dead. This has been an incredibly complicated dynamic for Maxie and she still needs some closure if nothing else. It’ll also be interesting to see what happens when and if Maxie comes to learn that Nina has known where Peter was all this time.

Soap Central hints that Nina will be facing new questions from Valentin this week and General Hospital spoilers reveal that next week, he’ll solve a mystery of some sort. While viewers will have to tune in to see how much progress is made on all of this throughout the week of July 9, it does sound as if big developments are on the way at last.

What will happen to Peter once he is freed and will Obrecht and Nina face serious consequences for their actions? General Hospital spoilers hint that there’s juicy stuff on the way and fans are anxious to see it all play out.