‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Scott Tries To Tell Ava About Kiki And Griffin, But His Plans Are Quickly Halted

Scott Baldwin is in a tough position and General Hospital spoilers indicate that he has difficult decisions to make during Monday’s episode. He overheard Kiki and Griffin talking about their one-night fling and he’s tracked Ava down with every intention of telling her what he learned. However, it may not be that simple.

ABC has shared a big General Hospital spoiler preview for Monday’s show. Scott sits down with Ava at Charlie’s and tells her he knows something he needs to tell her about. Unfortunately, Ava thinks he’s talking about the photo that Bensch has of Kiki and Griffin, so she tries to tell Scott it’s no big deal.

Viewers will see Ava go on about this for a minute, causing Scott to pause, reflect on what he overheard, and take a step back. He may have planned on telling Ava about Kiki and Griffin sleeping together, but he hesitates and it looks like the moment may pass without him revealing anything.

As viewers know, Ava has talked Scott into taking Bensch’s case but ultimately throwing it so Kiki prevails. He is trying to stick to the plan, but he has been an attorney for decades and General Hospital spoilers hint that he will struggle with feeling conflicted over this. Even if he wants to throw the case, he does have some legal obligations to his client and this is going to be a sticky situation.

Of course, it seems as if it’s likely only a matter of time before Ava learns about Griffin sleeping with Kiki. How will she learn the truth and will it impact the case with Bensch? Ava and Scott have a fun relationship that fans love to watch, and it could spell trouble down the road if he uses this information he overheard, or if he doesn’t tell Ava about Kiki and Griffin and she later discovers that he knew.

Interestingly, General Hospital spoilers don’t reference much else about Kiki and all of this drama for the week of July 9. SheKnows Soaps hints that there are big developments on the way with Peter’s captivity, and there’s good stuff coming with Micheal and Nelle too. Additional hints about Carly’s neighbor at Ferncliff may emerge and fans are anxious to see which of their theories about this are correct.

How should Scott handle the information he has and will he really be able to go along with throwing Bensch’s case? General Hospital spoilers suggest that things will get complicated as this storyline moves forward and additional teasers should emerge soon.