Review Of One Of The Best Series On Netflix, ‘Glow’ Season 2 Exceeds The First


Glow remains one of the most popular Netflix series, and as hard as it is to imagine, Season 2 is even better than its predecessor. With Glow’s throwback to a bygone era paired with phenomenal writing and performances, the Netflix series is one of the most enthralling shows going today. Season 2 brings back the usual cast of characters, including Marc Maron (Sam), Alison Brie (Ruth), Betty Gilpin (Debbie), Sydelle Noel (Cherry), Ellen Wong (Jenny), Britt Baron (Justine), Gayle Rankin (Sheila), and Chris Lowell (Bash).

The last time we saw the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, they wrapped up a successful show and they were getting ready to record a season, and Cherry was cast in her own television series. This season takes off with the group getting ready for pre-production, and a new woman, Yolanda played by Shakira Barrera, was cast on the show as Junkchain to replace Cherry. Sam discovered Yolanda while visiting a strip club when he received a lap dance from Yolanda. By the end of the first episode, Debbie, who is in divorce procedurals with Mark, becomes a producer on Glow as part of her new contract terms.

Of all ten episodes of the second season, there is not one wasted in this Netflix series. Each episode builds on the characters, and more information than ever before is revealed about them. This season focuses on Bash a lot more than they did in the first, and his character becomes more interesting than one might imagine.

We see Sam, in his own way, try to build on the relationship with his daughter, Justine. We also see both Ruth and Debbie make strides in building a positive working relationship. Their friendship is seemingly ruined forever, thanks to Ruth sleeping with Debbie’s husband, but the two try to form a new bond through the series, though understandably, Ruth puts in more effort than her former bestie.

AIDS is among the heavy topics covered this season, and in the ’80s there was a lot of misconceptions about AIDS and how one could get it. They don’t spend too long on this subject, but they touch on it enough to leave a lasting impact. This also creates an interesting character arc for an individual who shall remain nameless for the sake of not spoiling anything.

The popular series on Netflix also tackles feminism and sexual misconduct which, unfortunately, is appropriate in today’s climate that has sparked powerful movements, like #MeToo. We see Ruth get offered an advancement in her career if she sleeps with a big-time network executive. As expected, she declines the offer. Somewhat unexpectedly, she gets backlash for this from her former bestie. As Past Magazine documented, Debbie had harsh words for Brie’s character for not sleeping with the executive.

“Feminism has principles. Life has compromises.”

This is just one of the many powerful lines delivered in the series on Netflix. Of course, the overall essence of the show is still that of positivity and humor, and there are a ton of witty one-liners. If you thought the first outing of Glow was a feel-good experience, then you’ll absolutely love Season 2.

By the end of the tenth episode we know the immediate future of their wrestling show, the state of Sam’s relationship with Justine, there’s a new love interest in Ruth’s life, and we see how Debbie copes with being a single mother. Make sure to keep watching when the final credits roll because there are some hidden gems that Netflix added at the end of this season.

With outstanding performances and brilliant writing, along with plenty of laugh-out-loud and powerful moments, Glow is one of the best series on Netflix, and Season 2 is currently available for streaming.