WWE News: Kurt Angle Says His Career In TNA May Have Been Better Than WWE And Reveals Dream Opponents


WWE Hall of Fame inductee and Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle has had a stellar professional wrestling career. Since signing with the WWE in 1998, and later wrestling for TNA, over the last 20 years, Kurt Angle has had a litany of stunning matches with a variety of opponents, including The Undertaker, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, and Sting. As Ringside News reported, Kurt angle recently conducted a Q&A on Facebook, and he answered several questions from fans.

As seen on the Facebook thread, one fan asked if he would one day write an autobiography, and Kurt Angle said that he someday would. He followed that up by stating that right now he’s making a documentary of his life story and to stay tuned. Another fan asked him his thoughts on 205 Live, and if the WWE brand deserves a bigger spotlight. Kurt replied by stating that 205 Live has opened up a whole new world of wrestling for the WWE universe, that he loves what they do, and he thinks they will get much more airtime in the future.

One person asked Kurt Angle if he has any regrets at all in leaving the WWE for TNA, and as Ringside News documented, the Olympic gold medalist gave an answer that may surprise some fans.

“I can’t. I had a great career in TNA, maybe better than my WWE career. I had a reduced schedule there. And I wrestled so many greats AJ, Joe, Sting, Roode…To name a few. My body couldn’t hold up to the rigorous schedule in WWE at the time. I always imagine the career I could have had if I stayed in WWE. It would have been incredible. BUT I couldn’t stay so I can’t keep asking myself ‘what if?'”

Kurt Angle left the WWE in 2006 and was immediately put in a program with Samoa Joe. Arguably, the impressive pair put on some of the best matches the wrestling promotion has ever seen. While his career would have no doubt remained an impressive one in the WWE, many fans were happy that he went to TNA because they got to see him compete against legendary wrestlers, like Sting, who were signed with the company at the time.

Toward the end of the Facebook Q&A, Kurt Angle said that he has a list of dream opponents and that three of them are AJ Styles, Seth Rollins, and IWGP heavyweight champion Kenny Omega. The IWGP champion may eventually make his way to the WWE, and if he does, fans would likely love to see Kurt Angle square off against Kenny Omega.