Jason Blum Talks Horror Movies, Says ‘Halloween’ 2018 Is Not A Reboot And ‘The Purge’ Kept Slashers Alive

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Jason Blum’s Blumhouse Productions has given fans some of the best horror movies over the last several years, including Get Out, Split, Happy Death Day, Sinister, The Purge films, and the upcoming 2018 long-awaited feature, Halloween.

Halloween is one of the most highly-anticipated horror movies of the last several decades, and it is set for release on October 19. As Dread Central reported, and as seen in the Variety tweet below, Jason Blum discussed what it takes to make good horror movies.

At the beginning of the segment, Blum explains that he doesn’t believe you have to make a bunch of scary movies to make a good scary movie; he believes you have to make a number of good films, regardless of the genre. He was then asked why fans should be excited for the Halloween reboot, and as Dread Central documented, the filmmaker made it clear that it is not a reboot.

“The way to get people interested is to not reboot. The term makes my hair stand up on the back of my neck. What we’re doing with Halloween is, I guess I’ll use the term ‘reinvention.’ Reboot just sounds so corporate. The way we attacked Halloween was to go after what we’ve done with a lot of other movies. David Gordon Green and Danny McBride are not known for horror, Jordan Peele was not known for horror before Get Out, so I think we’ve had a lot of success mixing genres of people — not the movie — the movie’s a straight, scary movie.”

Warning: The video below contains some violence.

Jason Blum went on to say that Halloween will have a very original voice thanks to McBride and Green. The filmmaker also said that he was grateful to have John Carpenter and Jamie Lee Curtis back in the mix, and he’s pleased that he had the original voices with the new voices to create the “terrific” film. He also said that he thinks fans will be very happy with the new Michael Myers flick.

Jason went on to say that the horror movies of the last several years have primarily focused on the supernatural in one way or another. He said that the Purge movies have been closer to the old-school slashers. Blum added that the Purge films are more grounded, scary movies, and he thinks the supernatural horror films will end up turning into more grounded, scary stuff. Jason Blum ended the segment by stating that Halloween will certainly keep the trend of slasher horror movies going.