Mary J. Blige's Bikini Diet, Exercise And Weight Loss Secrets

Samantha Chang

Singer Mary J. Blige has a fit bikini body at age 47, thanks to a healthy diet and regular exercise that emphasizes cardio workouts.

Blige frequently posts selfies on Instagram and looks sensational in a stunning array of fashion styles. A recent bikini photo spotlights Blige's weight loss and sleek physique.

"My main exercise is cardio," Mary told Shape. "The treadmill is fine, but running outdoors gives me the best results. I try to log six to eight miles a week. I could be in the worst mood, but when I do my cardio I feel much, much better."

Mary now tries to follow a low-carb, low-sugar diet most of the time, but still enjoys her favorite snacks and desserts.

Blige is a survivor in every sense of the word, having overcome childhood poverty, drug addiction, crippling depression, and divorce. Through all the ups and downs, Mary J. developed a thick skin and an unwavering belief in herself.

"This is a whole other chapter of my life," Blige told the Guardian.

Before overhauling her diet and workout routine, Mary J. Blige looked fantastic, but she looks slimmer and more toned now.

"If you have a lot of money, you can cover up everything. When you don't have a lot of money, it doesn't cover anything. So you learn how to walk through embarrassment and shame," Blige said. "I appreciate it and I'm so grateful for it."

"It teaches you tough skin," Blige said.

Another entertainment icon who came from humble beginnings to reach the top of the music business is Jennifer Lopez. As the Inquisitr has reported, Lopez also credits diet and exercise for her sizzling bikini body at age 48.

"I love the way working out makes me feel," JLo said. "I make sure I drink plenty of water, I fuel my body with healthy foods and I make it a priority to get eight hours' sleep a night."