Selena Gomez Reportedly ‘Stunned’ Over Ex Justin Bieber’s Rumored Engagement To Hailey Baldwin

Christopher PolkGetty Images

The internet blew up on Sunday with the news that Justin Bieber and his supposed girlfriend, Hailey Baldwin, became engaged while vacationing in the Bahamas. While many fans are running around like crazy trying to figure out fact from fiction, there are also fans who are wondering how a certain Selena Gomez is handling the rumored proposal. Well according to Hollywood Life, Bieber’s former flame is reportedly “stunned” by the news.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the “Sorry” singer, 24, and the young model, 21, were living it up in the Bahamas for the weekend. The proposal apparently took place in one of the island’s resorts where guests were having a good time dancing when Bieber’s security detail ordered everyone to ditch their phones as “something big” was going to happen and that’s reportedly when the “Somebody To Love” singer asked Baldwin for her hand in marriage, which she accepted.

When news of the engagement hit the media waves, fans were shocked and apparently, they weren’t the only ones. A source close to Bieber’s ex-girlfriend revealed that she was “totally shocked and stunned” upon learning the news.

“Selena was totally shocked and stunned to hear it’s being reported that Justin proposed to Hailey. She honestly can’t believe it. Selena didn’t think they were even that serious, so the thought of them getting married is just mind-boggling to her. “

Bieber and Gomez were famously dubbed “Jelena” by fans over the course of their relationship, which first began in 2010. Over the past eight years, the couple went back and forth in their romance, breaking up and then getting back together. In March, it was reported that the two had called it quits on their love yet again, however, when Baldwin re-entered the picture, it looked like “Jelena” was done for good this time.

But according to Gomez’s insider, the “Back To You” singer doesn’t believe the “Never Say Never” singer’s engagement is the real deal and is under the impression that it’s all a ploy to make her “jealous.”

“Selena can’t help feeling that Justin has some ulterior motive going on, like, he’s trying to make her jealous, or he’s proving a point to her that he really is grown up and ready for commitment. She just can’t get her mind around it otherwise.”

The insider adds that if the engagement is for real then the “Wolves” singer is seriously questioning whether or not the “What Do You Mean?” singer ever “really did love her.”

“If it is a serious proposal, and Justin is being totally genuine in wanting to marry Hailey, then Selena can’t help questioning what he really felt about her, and if he really did love her, because it was only a few months ago that he was declaring his undying love for her, and swearing he couldn’t live without her.”

However, news that Gomez is having a tough time wrapping her head around it is seriously being contradicted, as People reported that while the rest of the world was running around in circles over the rumor, the “Same Old Love” singer couldn’t care less as she was busy kicking it with her friends on a boat cruise in New York City on Sunday.

Donning a blue-and-white bikini, the “Hands To Myself” singer, 25, seemed more concerned with getting her tan on rather than losing her mind over what her ex reportedly did or did not do.

Neither Bieber or Baldwin have officially confirmed they are actually engaged.