Johnny Galecki Might Be A Workaholic, Calls Himself An ‘Idiot’ In Latest Instagram Pic

Jamie McCarthyGetty Images

While he may play a Mensa-worthy character on the CBS hit, the Big Bang Theory, Johnny Galecki is no Leonard Hofstadter in real life. In fact, the actor recently called himself an idiot. It’s not as bad as you think. The actor was standing in front of the ocean, but rather than enjoying the incredible view, someone took a snap of the actor with his back to it and looking at an iPad instead. Galecki showed his incredible sense of humor by posting the photo to Instagram with the caption, “Put down the device and look behind you, idiot.”

His followers quickly chimed in, appreciating the lesson he was trying to convey about how people are letting technology take over their lives and ignoring the really important moments. It would be ironic if he took the time to post the picture to his social media account while still in front of the picturesque view, instead of waiting until he was inside. The picture ended up with over 73,000 likes from his followers, but how many were checking out his Instagram feed while in front of a similarly spectacular view?

Several days ago, the popular actor was taking in another breathtaking view and posting it to Instagram — but this time it was in a place where people expect it. The view was of his TV wife, Kaley Cuoco, getting married. As reported previously by Inquisitr, the actor was very moved by the couple’s vows.

“Deepest congrats to the newlyweds. Love you both so much @normancook & @mrtankcook So moved by tonight. ❤️,” he wrote in a caption of himself with the happy couple. Cuoco plays Penny, and the two have been on Big Bang Theory since the show started in 2006, with the characters’ relationship being a focus since the pilot, though their characters only got married in 2015.

But their relationship wasn’t only in front of the camera. The two co-stars secretly dated for two years, but that obviously didn’t get in the way of their working relationship. They’ve become friends since their 2010 split, enough so that he was invited to her wedding. Johnny Galecki previously spoke of the current status of his relationship with Kaley Cuoco during an interview for Us Weekly.

“We’re dear friends, still,” the actor said. “She’s not an ex; she’s a part of my life.”

Other stars from the show who got to witness the nuptials were Mayim Bialik and Wil Wheaton, both of whom shared pictures on their Instagram accounts.