Woman Caught Trying To Sell Meth In A Courtroom, Car Found With 35 Grams Of Drugs

Twenty-four-year-old Telby Fields was on a mission to sell meth. So as she sat in a courtroom waiting for a judge, she decided to ask some people around her if they wanted to buy some drugs from her. It’s hard to know if she realized that she was perhaps in the worst place possible to peddle meth, or maybe she forgot that she was surrounded by law enforcement.

Either way, a security guard overheard Fields and reported it to Detective Neil Adams. Adams followed Fields out of the courtroom, after which she reportedly ran into the parking lot and laid down in the backseat of the car. Adams approached the car, questioned the two people in the driver and front seat, according to the Lexington Herald Leader.

What ensued was a little bit of chaos. While the driver was apprehended with no issue, the man sitting in the front passenger seat didn’t want to give up without a fight. Collin Tenhundfeld, also 24-years-old, ran away from authorities and dove 15-feet into a shallow creek. After searching the man’s phone, his identity was revealed and a photo was immediately released. Within the hour, the man was found in someone’s yard.

Authorities found 35 grams of meth in the car, along with plastic bags and a scale. They also found a B.B. gun that looked like a real firearm.

Fields was in court for a third-degree terroristic threat case but now faces more charges as a result of the incident. Fields also has other pending drug-charges in a nearby county.

The driver, Cole Gaylord, and Tenhundfeld both also face charges as a result of the incident. Tenhundfeld faces the most number of charges due to his attempt to escape persecution.

Although Fields’ poor judgment led to peddling drugs inside the courtroom, none of the at least three people she approached about buying drugs was desperate enough to take her up on the offer.

As bizarre as it is to try to sell drugs in a courtroom, Fields isn’t the only one to do so. Back in 2016, Christopher Durkin was in court over a charge of driving with a suspended license. While waiting for the judge, Durkin approached another man, also there waiting for a judge, and offered to sell him Suboxone pills. No security guard overheard the exchange, but the man told on Durkin. Officers searched Durkin right away and found the illegal pills, leading to more charges for the man, reported the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.