The worst Wii game ever?

The Wii is often sneered at for its supposedly high number of crappy games. Up until now, Metacritic has had SPOGS Racing at the bottom of this unpleasant pile of cash-ins and budget releases – yet Wii shovelware may soon have a new champion.

Wheelspin is a “futuristic racer” for Nintendo’s console, and it has just scored the lowest review score ever in Official Nintendo Magazine history. Official magazines tend to be somewhat more forgiving with their scores, which makes the 11% awarded to Wheelspin even more notable.

The opening paragraph of the review describes Wheelspin as “one of the worst games we’ve ever played,” and it doesn’t get much better from there, with the handling deemed to be “atrocious” and the visuals – well, the visuals aren’t mentioned much, but oh God look at it.

But what’s startling (and also sort of depressing) about Wheelspin is where it came from. See, it was actually the Wii publishing debut for Bethesda. Yeah, the same Bethesda that released the majestic Fallout 3 (my favorite game of 2008), and the also-very-good Oblivion.

Sad to see even the mighty trying to make a quick, cheap buck from the Wii with this kind of nonsense.

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