Mandy Moore Wishes ‘This Is Us’ Co-Star Milo Ventimiglia A Happy Birthday With Fun Mustache Snap From Set

Evan AgostiniInvision/AP Images

They play husband and wife on the biggest hit on TV in years, and now the This Is Us star is letting the world know what she thinks of her co-star in a very special birthday message she posted social media. In her Instagram post, Mandy Moore posted an adorable picture of herself and Milo Ventimiglia from the set, both sporting that trademark Jack mustache. Ventimiglia looked to be channeling Sonny Bono with his throwback look, but her caption said it all.

“As remarkable as Jack Pearson is, this guy is even better. Happy Birthday, @miloanthonyventimiglia. Our job is so much fun because we get to do it together. Can’t wait to get back to it. ❤️ you, Mi!! #thisisus”

For those fans who just adore Jack and Rebecca (and really, who doesn’t?) together, seeing that their portrayers get along in real life is heartwarming. The onscreen couple, while tragic since everyone knows that Jack died young, have an intense rooting section among fans and the other characters, especially their three kids — Kate, Kevin, and Randall. Even Rebecca’s second husband (and Jack’s best friend), Miguel, loved these two as a couple and thought they would be together for the rest of their lives.

While Moore writes that they haven’t returned to the set yet, Ventimiglia teased the next season, saying that “fans won’t see what’s coming for Jack,” reports Gold Derby.

“I’ve spoken a lot with Dan [Fogelman; creator of This Is Us] and the writers before we had our hiatus and even while they’ve been in the room and what I’ve heard of what the third season is, people have an idea and they think they do but man, you have no idea. You won’t see what’s coming.”

Surprising fans do seem to be a trademark of the hit NBC show, which started doing so since the pilot with its twist of an ending that set up the whole multiple time periods visited by the show. The other trademark of the show is making viewers cry every episode and considering that more about Jack’s past will be revealed, according to Ventimiglia, chances are a lot of what’s revealed will pack an emotional punch.

“What we’re diving into for the third season, it’s gonna be things that man, his family had no idea about him. I think it’s really going to deepen that love.”

Considering how beloved Jack is by everyone, that’s a pretty safe bet to make.