HBO’s ‘Sharp Objects,’ Starring Amy Adams, Is Must-See TV This Week

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One of the summer’s most hyped TV offerings, Sharp Objects, is debuting July 8 at 9 p.m. ET on HBO. Award-winning actress, Amy Adams, plays the main character in this hour-long dark miniseries. Jean-Marc Vallée is the director of Objects, and he is also the man responsible for bringing Big Little Lies to HBO, reports People.

Amy Adams is known for her roles on the silver screen, including those in blockbusters such as The Arrival and Justice League. But, Adams hasn’t acted in any roles on TV since hosting Saturday Night Live in 2014. However, the 43-year-old actress returns with gusto to the small screen in Sharp Objects, playing St. Louis reporter, Camille Preaker.

Preaker is a troubled woman sent to cover the violent killing of a preteen girl at the insistence of newsroom editor, Frank Curry (played by veteran actor, Miguel Sandoval). At the editor’s urging, a reluctant Camille returns to her small Midwestern hometown, where one preteen girl has gone missing one year after another was found violently murdered. To complicate matters, and to probably give wise-cracking cops some dialogue, Camille has recently been released from a mental institution.

Frank sends Camille off to cover the story for two reasons. One, he believes the murders are connected; and two, he senses that Camille isn’t facing her past. Later, Camille acts as Curry intended and becomes determined “to put together a psychological puzzle from her past,” according to the Mercury News.

Early reviews indicate that the TV crime drama can simmer at times, but can also move at a snail’s pace at others. There are epic performances in the thrilling Sharp Objects, but the HBO TV show also has some unexpected surprises in store.

Amy Adams delivers a powerful performance as the disturbed, yet resilient Camille. But, you’ll definitely want to catch the riveting performance of Australian actress, Eliza Scanlen, who plays Camille’s strange and mysterious half-sister, Amma.

Picture of Amy Adams and Eliza Scanlen
Amy Adams and Eliza Scanlen at the 'Sharp Objects' after party.Featured image credit: Kevin WinterGetty Images

What’s more, according to the AV/TV Club, there’s also some Emmy buzz already surrounding Sharp Objects. The high-quality performances and high-quality creative work that went into the making of the TV show Objects proves that it has merit as an early contender for next year’s Emmy Awards.


Fan favorite and award-winning TV show, Big Little Lies, was originally intended to be a one-season show but was picked up for a second season by HBO. It will be interesting to see, especially after so much buzz, if lightning strikes twice in the case of a season 2 for Sharp Objects.

You can watch the trailer for Sharp Objects below.

The cast of Sharp Objects also includes Patricia Clarkson, Sophia Lillis, Chris Messina, Elizabeth Perkins, Madison Davenport, and Matt Craven.