Tristan Thompson Goes House Hunting, Looks At $2M Pad Near Khloe’s Place

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It looks like Tristan Thompson plans to move to Los Angles. Could he be talking with the L.A. Lakers? So far, that news hasn’t hit headlines, but he’s looking at houses in the area.

According to TMZ, the NBA star spent part of the weekend house hunting without his girlfriend Khloe Kardashian. He viewed a house not too far away from hers that costs $2 million, and it appears to be move-in ready, so he wouldn’t have to spend time waiting for updates and construction if he moved to Los Angles soon.

The Woodland Hills home, which boasts a basketball court in the backyard, consists of 7 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms. The current Cleveland Cavaliers star lives in Cleveland in a great home, but since the season has been over, he and Khloe have been in Los Angeles with their daughter True. Khloe recently praised Thompson for being such an amazing dad on her first day back at work since taking her 12-week maternity leave, according to an Inquisitr report.

While it may be that Thompson wants a place to call his own when he divides his time between locations, considering the fact that his former teammate LeBron James just moved to the Lakers after their team lost to the Warriors in the NBA Finals in spectacular fashion, it seems possible he wants to work out some type of deal to go there too or he’s considering the possibility a future deal with the one-time great team.


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A couple of weeks ago, the basketball star posted a picture of himself with his two children, 18-month-old Prince, who he had with Jordan Craig, and then 2-month-old True.

It’s not unusual for to see Thompson checking out a house in the region. Last year around this time, he and Khloe also looked at a house that had a basketball court, but they never ended up buying the place. Since he’s been in L.A., Thompson has stayed at Khloe’s house, but it’s possible he wants his own place. Perhaps he’s scouting out places for them to buy together, but it’s somewhat odd that Khloe wasn’t with him. It could be that she stayed with their daughter True, or that she had some other engagement, so he decided to see houses on his own.

Either way, the news that Thompson wants to put down some roots in Los Angeles is intriguing. It may or may not have anything to do with basketball, but it could end up being a fortuitous move for his career sometime in the future.