13-Year-Old Boy Gets Hospitalized After Inserting USB Cable Into Penis

Lorenzo Tanos

A 13-year-old boy from Heilongjiang Province in north China was recently hospitalized for a rather unusual, and painful reason — to remove a USB phone cable he had reportedly stuck in his penis out of curiosity.

According to a report from the Daily Mail, the teenager, who was merely identified as Duoduo, removed the head of a USB cable and inserted the cord into his genitals. Unfortunately, the boy was not able to remove it, which led to "unbearable" pain and his subsequent admission to People's Hospital in Heilongjiang Province on June 14. Doctors said that the cord got knotted while it was stuck inside Duoduo's genitals, and was long enough to extend into his bladder. The boy was later transferred to Harbin Children's Hospital, where he received emergency treatment.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, Harbin Children's Hospital Department of Urology doctor Xu Liyan explained why Duoduo was not able to remove the USB cable from his penis. She added that the cable measured approximately four inches, or 10 centimeters, in length.

"From the X-ray, we can see a dead knot and that's the reason why he could not pull it out himself."

"Pulling the cable out directly could have caused secondary injuries to Duoduo, therefore it was better to have the cable removed surgically. We stitched up the cut after," Xu added.

Duoduo was not the first person from China to make the news in recent months for inserting a USB cable into his penis. As reported by the Inquisitr, a 60-year-old man admitted himself into the Dalian Central Hospital in April with a phone charging cable "hanging between his legs." He later told doctors that he inserted the cord because it was the longest and slimmest flexible object he thought of using to "relieve an itch" in his urethra.

Fortunately for Duoduo, the "curious" teenager was able to make a successful recovery from the operation and was discharged from the hospital on July 3, or about two weeks after Xu and her colleagues surgically removed the USB cable from his genitals.