Kaley Cuoco Films Her Naked Husband, Posts Video On Instagram

Rebecca Cabage/InvisionAP Images

Kaley Cuoco recently filmed her naked husband and posted it on Instagram. Don’t get too excited, though: thanks to the strategic camera and pillow placement, you can’t really see much except his naked chest.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Big Bang Theory actress is laying low at her home these days, recovering from shoulder surgery. And as L.A. – and, let’s be honest, most of the Northern Hemisphere – bakes in a heat wave, her new husband, Scott Cook, decided to go au naturel for the day. Why not?

In order to see the video, you have to go through a couple of steps. First, go to her Instagram page (click the link in the first paragraph). To the left of her name (she goes by “Norman Cook,” for some reason), you’ll see a circular photo of a dog. Click that, and you’ll have to sit through a couple of other videos before you get to the good stuff.

The first video is of Kaley and her dog, Ruby, enjoying some time together. Click the right arrow to skip that. The next shows her discussing her shoulder surgery. Again, right arrow to skip. The next video is Ruby again – right arrow to skip. The next video is Kaley talking about the heat, and shows one of her dogs desperate to go outside. Then finally, the near nudity begins.

In the background, you can see Karl behind the bar, naked as the day he was born. Kaley added a caption to the photo, “Also is Karl naked?” Then there’s a still photo, a strategically-placed pillow and a clever camera angle covering just about everything from the waist down. Karl’s face bears a smirk.

Posting videos and lying around the house naked is about all Kaley and Karl are going to be able to do for the next few weeks. About a year ago, Kaley injured her shoulder in a horseback riding accident. At the time, her doctors told her she wouldn’t need surgery immediately, but that it would have to be done at some point. So she scheduled it for a time when she would be off work from The Big Bang Theory during summer hiatus. Not to mention, she scheduled the surgery for just a few days after her wedding – she did this because she knew she would have “a babysitter,” as she calls him.

And it seems to be working out fine for the couple: other than Karl’s inability to properly tie a top knot ponytail, Kaley hasn’t posted any complaints about her “sitter.”