Kim Kardashian Reportedly Spent $10,000 On Fake Testicles For Her Pup

Pascal Le SegretainGetty Images

Kim Kardashian gives a whole new meaning to the term “doing the most.” And she does the most even when it comes to her pets.

According to the Daily Mail, Kim Kardashian said that her dog, Rocky, suffered “self-esteem issues” after getting neutered. Rocky, a boxer, had a set of big doggie-testicles, which Kardashian said she didn’t like seeing.

So, to circumvent the pooch’s suffering, Kim decided to get him a pair of fake testicles, called Neuticles, so he could feel good about himself again.

Kim reportedly worked directly with the Neuticles creator, Gregg Miller, to push the product, with Miller insisting that the average Neuticles owner was the “everyday pet owner” who wanted the best for his or her pooch.

Neuticles were first invented in 1995, and since they made their debut on the market, they’ve sold more than 500,000 pairs.

These prosthetic implants have been used on a variety of animals, from dogs and cats, all the way up to elephants and monkeys!

But lest you think that Kim is just doing this to promote Neuticles, or that her “love” for her dog is only skin-deep, rest assured that not only does Kim adore Rocky, she actually fought for him at one point.

In 2010, Kim Kardashian bought Rocky when he was still a puppy. He was a joint purchase with her then-boyfriend, Reggie Bush.

When Kim and Reggie subsequently split up, Reggie wanted to take the dog with him.

Kim actually went to court to gain custody of Rocky, and ultimately succeeded!


Even though Rocky hasn’t been taken out in public for a number of years, he was recently seen out and about with Kim when she was in New York City to support her husband, Kanye West, during his fashion show.

In the past, Kim said that Rocky was a dog that was “most like her,” rather than like her then-boyfriend, Reggie Bush.

“Rocky is most like me, his mommy. He’s really cool and calm, and goes with the flow,” she said at the time.

It sounds like, too, that Rocky gets along great with children since at the time he came into the Kardashian/Jenner clan, he was seen getting friendly with Kourtney Kardashian’s son, Mason, who was six months old at the time Rocky came into the picture.

Kim Kardashian now keeps Rocky around her three children with rapper Kanye West, and it seems everyone is part of one big happy family…fake testicles or not.