North Carolina Man Drowns Despite ‘No Swimming’ Signs Posted As Tropical Storm Chris Could Become Hurricane

What was once known as Tropical Depression 3 by meteorologists has now strengthened into a proper tropical storm early this morning, according to the experts at Accuweather. Tropical Depression 3 initially began to gain size and speed off the coast of North Carolina on Friday and has since developed into Tropical Storm Chris as of early Sunday.

Predictions so far seem to say that Chris will continue to grow stronger as it holds over the warmer waters of the Gulf Stream, and may exhibit very little movement going into Tuesday.

Even in the unlikely event that Tropical Storm Chris does not make landfall, instead remaining entirely offshore, the result will still be dangerously rough seas along the eastern coast of the central United States as a result of the aberrant weather pattern.

The intensifying, slow-moving storm will lumber along the coast of the Carolinas, ripping currents and tearing surf across mid-Atlantic beaches during a period over the next week or so. Meteorologists are also suggesting a strong potential for an uptick of rocky surf down the eastern coast of the state of Florida as well.

Beyond Tuesday, there is a distinct possibility that Tropical Storm Chris will spin up into Hurricane Chris, though there is also a chance – wholly dependent on warm and cool air currents and their future shifting – that the storm will simply blow back out to sea and eventually dissipate.

Weather watchers also predict that there is a good possibility that Tropical Storm Chris will eventually find its way far north, laying down torrential rain and heavy winds on the Canadian provinces of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador.

Accuweather advises beachgoers and would-be surfers and swimmers that they may see their plans disrupted if they reside in areas spanning Charleston to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina to Hatteras, North Carolina, in addition to Virginia Beach, Virginia, and Atlantic City in New Jersey. Be aware of the presence or absence of lifeguards and only enter the water under proper supervision and only if the imminent weather conditions in the area are calm and free of major weather disturbances.

Refusal to heed appropriate warnings due to the rough weather can have fatal consequences. A 62-year-old swimmer recently perished in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, after failing to observe “No Swimming” flags planted by lifeguards in the vicinity. Swept away by the super strong currents created by the tropical storm, located by first responders in the water fully unresponsive, the man was pronounced dead after CPR and other attempts to revive him failed.