Hillary Clinton May Secretly Be Planning To Run Once More Against Trump In 2020, ‘NY Post’ Claims

Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

Hillary Clinton may secretly be planning to match herself once more against Donald Trump in 2020, according to a sensational new report published in the New York Post.

The 2016 Democratic presidential candidate, Clinton suffered a close loss in an election where she was being touted as the overwhelming favorite. After her defeat, the wide consensus was that Clinton’s political career was over. However, the new report claims that Clinton’s recent activities point towards a possible resurgence, which could eventually manifest itself in another shot at presidency come 2020.

The report says that Clinton has been emailing her supporters frenetically over the last couple of months, having touted her super PACs in combating Trump at least five times in June alone. The content of those emails is varied and is usually a reaction to Trump’s latest antics, with one of those messages blasting Trump’s immigration policy which saw more than 2,300 children being separated from their undocumented parents at the southern border.

“This is a moral and humanitarian crisis,” she wrote. “Everyone of us who has ever held a child in their arms, and every human being with a sense of compassion and decency should be outraged.”

Three days later, she wrote another email praising her newly formed super PAC, Onward Together, for having raised more than $1 million to support organizations fighting against Donald Trump’s immigration agenda.

After Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement, Clinton wrote another email detailing the formation of another organization, Demand Justice, which would reportedly seek to protect “reproductive rights, voting rights and access to health care” by uniting the Democrats in their opposition to any Trump Supreme Court pick.

The executive director of Demand Justice is Brian Fellon, Clinton’s campaign press secretary, making New York Post claim that Onward Together, which was formed in May 2017, is actually Clinton’s 2020 campaign in waiting.


Apart from the increased urgency of Clinton’s emails about her super PACs, the report goes on to give a number of other reasons that point towards a possible 2020 presidential bid by Hillary Clinton. The primary reason, the report points out, is the fact that no single Democratic leader has emerged since Donald Trump became president, which gives Clinton a great edge in her attempts to unite a divided field.

“With the Democratic Party locked in a battle between its far left wing and its far, far left wing, no single leader has emerged to unite it. Clinton is trying to play that role by being a mother hen to the fledgling activists drawn to politics by their hatred of Trump.”

Moreover, the report claims that none of the probable Democratic contenders hold as much sway and power as Clinton, which would also place her well among the nearly 20 left-field contenders being touted for the presidential elections in 2020.

“Looking ahead to the 2020 primaries, she sees no reason to fear the favorite daughters and sons in key blue states,” the report read. “She would almost certainly beat Sen. Kamala Harris in California, Sen. Cory Booker in New Jersey and Gov. Andrew Cuomo in New York.”