WWE News: Former NXT Superstar Wins IWGP United States Title – ‘I Ain’t Going Back’


A lot of people have looked at the success that Cody Rhodes has had after leaving WWE and they take it as a sign that the same can be there for them as well. The wrestler now known as Juice Robinson was once a part of NXT and he went by the name of CJ Parker, but he never hit the main roster for Monday Night Raw or SmackDown Live. Now, he’s the IWGP United States Champion in New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) and he won’t ever look back at the past.

On Saturday night, NJPW held the NJPW G1 Special In San Francisco which had a great card for the fans. The main event saw Kenny Omega successfully defend the IWGP Heavyweight Championship in a great match against Cody and a number of other titles on the line in an evening of fantastic action.

One of the biggest matches on the card was Jay White putting his IWGP United States Title on the line against Juice Robinson. Not a lot of people had any idea what would become of “CJ Parker” after he left NXT, but he has shown the world just what he’s capable of doing.

Not only did Juice Robinson win the IWGP United States Title, but he became the first American to ever accomplish that feat, according to Pro Wrestling Sheet.

After the event was over, Robinson spoke to the press and he held nothing back when talking about his big win and his past. The promo was posted on Twitter by Justin Barrasso, and it not only included a lot of strong language but plenty of passion as well.

“When I left NXT, Canyon Ceman told me…he looked at me and he said ‘CJ Parker’ — actually used my shoot name, Joe Robinson — he said, ‘Joe, go out and make yourself a star.’ Well by God, f**k it’s taken three years, but I landed on my feet. That’s right! I landed on my f**king feet.”

Robinson went on to say that “titles do matter” and he may not be a star yet, but he’s getting there. He also name-dropped a number of other talented wrestlers who are doing just fine making themselves known in the world.

“But that’s in the rear-view mirror now and guess what I ain’t going back. I ain’t ever going back. It’s ok. Because guess what…guys like Cody Rhodes, guys like Kenny Omega, more guys like that, Will Ospreay. The big stars. The big independent stars.”

The man known as CJ Parker is no more and it is blatantly obvious that Juice Robinson has moved on past NXT and all of WWE. He has put that part of his career and his life behind him to move onto what he considers bigger and better things. After winning the IWGP United States Championship in NJPW, Robinson knows he is on his way to becoming a star.