Kate Winslet Shows Off Bikini Body On PDA-Filled Vacation With Her Husband

Evan Agostini/InvisionAP Images

Kate Winslet rocked a skimpy blue striped bikini during a PDA-packed vacation to Binisafua, Menorca last week with her husband Ned Rocknroll. According to Daily Mail, the adorable couple has been “inseparable” since they privately tied the knot six years ago.

Winslet paired her blue striped bikini with a funky straw sunhat and a pair of sunglasses. She appeared to be having a fabulous time soaking up the sun with her husband, Ned. Rocknroll opted to enjoy the river shirtless with a pair of red swim trunks.

The 42-year-old actress walked around the river wrapped arm-in-arm with Ned before passionately locking lips. Winslet clutched onto a red fishing net during the passionate smooch.

In one picture, Winslet could be seen happily throwing her arms in the air while watching their 4-year-old son, Bear. Bear appeared to be playing in the wet sand with his feet dipped in the river water.

As those who follow Winslet and Rocknroll know, they are one of those adorable Hollywood couples with a “how they met” story that is almost too good to be true. In what many described as a scene plucked perfectly out of a movie, Winslet met her husband Ned on Richard Branson’s private island during a house fire. Winslet was vacationing with her boyfriend Louis Dowler at the time.

While everyone on the island managed to escape from the house fire, Winslet was credited for saving Ned’s 90-year-old grandmother from the flames. Meeting in a house fire and saving someone’s grandmother is certainly one way to steal someone’s heart.

Moreover, crossing paths because of the house fire, notably, had a profound impact on Winslet and Ned as they decided to name their child Bear Blaze Winslet.

This romantic PDA-filled getaway followed behind news that Kate had teamed up with James Cameron to film Avatar 2. As those who are familiar with Kate’s work may know, the first time James and Winslet teamed up was during the production of Titanic.

Starring in the blockbuster film as Rose Dewitt Bukater with her co-star Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack Dawson, Titanic rocked the 1998 Academy Awards by winning 10 of the 13 nominations including Best Director, Best Picture, and Best Cinematography.


During an interview with Vanity Fair, James revealed Kate would play the role of a character named Ronal in Avatar 2. Cameron revealed that he and Winslet had been yearning for a project to work on together after Titanic was easily one of the most successful films in either of their careers.

“I can’t wait to see her bring the character of Ronal to life,” Cameron said.

With so much going on in her professional life, it’s incredible that Winslet manages to find time to enjoy a fun vacation with her husband and son.