Meghan Markle’s Cannabis-Growing Nephew, Tyler Dooley, To Star In Own MTV Show

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It seems as if Meghan Markle’s family can’t get enough of the spotlight.

Tyler Dooley will be the star of an upcoming TV reality show that will air on both sides of the Atlantic. Tyler is the son of Thomas Markle Jr., the Duchess of Sussex’s half-brother. According to The Sun, the American public are captivated by how much Dooley’s life differs from his aunt who has now wedded into the British royal family. The MTV producers are hopeful that there will be “plenty of Meghan-related drama from the real-life soap opera.”

“Producers are fascinated by Tyler and his family, and how different their lives are from Meghan’s.”

“They think viewers will love him and the rest of the Dooleys, and become gripped by their soap opera lives.”

Dooley shot to fame when he named an “extremely potent”: strain of marijuana “Markle’s Sparkle” taking advantage of his aunt’s maiden last name. The marijuana grower charges £206 for a single ounce of this particular strain. It is thought that they could make a small fortune from “Markle’s Sparkle” and other products containing the strain.

According to Mirror, the 25-year-old lives in Oregon, where marijuana is legal. Here he has a license to grow the drug and does so under the umbrella of his cannabis firm, Royally Grown. Dooley considers himself a pioneer in the field of marijuana and is also planning a new product line. Royal Relief oil will be produced from cannabidiol oil, which does not contain any THC, the chemical which produces the high associated with the drug.

But Royally Grown has loftier ambitions than their current market. They wish to expand into jewelry product, skincare, make-up and produce their own organic hemp clothing line. It is reported that Dooley is excited about the upcoming MTV show and believes that it will have a positive effect on his business.

“Tyler is really looking forward to it and sees it as great advertising for his marijuana business.”

On the personal front, the Markle family, on the whole, seems to have rather strained family ties. Dooley is estranged from his father, Thomas Markle Jr., and his aunt. Markle apparently used to babysit him and his older brother when they were children. He still calls his grandfather, Thomas Jr. and Meghan’s father, regularly.

Tyler runs his business with his mother Tracy (53). The MTV show will follow Dooley, his girlfriend Sandra Bazan, and brother Thomas (26) as they deal with day-to-day challenges and provide an insider perspective of the marijuana businessman who is related to a royal.

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