October 30, 2018
Ireland Baldwin Posts Topless Instagram Pic To Show Off Her Giant New Tattoo

American fashion model and actress, Ireland Baldwin, was seen wearing cheeseburger underwear and posing in a pool to show off a new tattoo on her hip, reports Daily Mail. The 22-year-old was born to actress Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin. Some may recall the 2007 voicemail left to her, then 11, by her father where he referred to his daughter as "a thoughtless little pig." That was such an infamous message that it had People interviewing Baldwin on the matter. That was when Ireland began getting attention from the public. Definitely, it is safe to say that Ireland is no pig. Clearly, she is a beautiful young woman in the looks department, as seen in the snaps via her Instagram. Plus she's a model, which speaks for itself.

The huge red rose now tattooed on Ireland's right hip joins a dozen others. Ireland is no stranger to body art, proudly showing off her ink every chance she gets. She captioned the photos with "Summertime," including a knife, rose, and heart emoji. She wears only the burger bikini bottoms, covering her breasts with her bare arms and hands. Ireland looks away from the camera in two shots, then stares boldly with confidence directly into the camera for the last. One photograph of the three is in black and white, standing out classically among the other two more casual shots.

Zooming in on the tattoo shows that the stem of her new rose winds down to her nether-region. Ireland did share a close-up, but tastefully covered her region with another heart emoji. This officially seems to have Ireland at 20 tattoos to date. One of her other more curious tattoos is the French word Écureuil inked on Ireland's left wrist. The word means squirrel. She also has the word mosh tatted on her armpit. Other art on Ireland's body would be a girl eating a bowl of ramen, David Bowie, Hello Kitty, a bra, and Totoro. LA tattoo artist, Konstantin Noskos is credited on the post as the responsible creative for her new rose.

Ireland Baldwin is a highly sought after model who has been on the covers of Elle Bulgaria, L'Officiel Ukraine, and Marie Claire México and has had editorials in W, Vogue Italia, and Vogue Taiwan. After landing the Guess Girl job in 2017, Ireland has joined other greats such as the late Anna Nicole Smith; also Claudia Schiffer, Drew Barrymore, and Kate Upton. Muse models recently signed Ireland just this past month, opening up yet another doorway into further success for the young, in-demand model.