Meghan Markle Breaks Unexpected Fashion Trend She Held Since Her Royal Wedding

Yui MokWPA Pool/Getty Images

Since her royal wedding in May, each of Meghan Markle’s outfits had one specific thing in common. Sure, she wore pastel colors, but that’s not the unexpected style trend she broke last week.

According to a report from The Sun, until her gorgeous bright yellow dress from Lady Gaga’s stylist, each outfit Markle wore since marrying Prince Harry had either been designed by a woman or come from a fashion house where a woman served as the head designer. The new Duchess of Sussex broke her own trend last week at the Your Commonwealth Youth Challenge with the canary yellow, sheath, high neck dress she wore.

American designer Brandon Maxwell created the duchess’s unexpected dress. Previously, Maxwell dressed such notable women as Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Nicole Kidman, and Jennifer Lawrence. Certainly, Markle can choose any dress and designer she enjoys, but after such a track record of selecting female designers, her choice came as a bit of a surprise.

However, even more surprising is that during the event, the duchess managed to grab her new husband’s hand, at least briefly, according to an Inquisitr report. The Duke of Sussex’s acquiescence to the public display of affection comes shortly after the Harry denied his wife’s advances during an appearance with Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace for the Queen’s Young Leader Awards. On that occasion, Markle reached out for Prince Harry’s hand, and he firmly pulled his arms in and clasped his hands in front of himself. While the situation appeared slightly awkward, the duchess handled it with grace and ease and continued on as if nothing had happened.

At the Your Commonwealth Youth Challenge, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle briefly held hands as they walked into the event. However, the clasp was so short-lived that one blink and observers missed it. Luckily for the world, royal reporter Richard Palmer captured video footage of the moment, so now it’s available for everyone to enjoy.

While there’s no hard and fast rule for the British royal family against public displays of affection, many follow the queen’s example when it comes to PDA. Queen Elizabeth rarely holds the hand of her husband of 70 years, Prince Phillip, during official royal engagements. However, Myka Meier, a British-American trained by a former member of the queen’s household said that there is no hard rule.

“It’s up to each and every royal and royal couple about how affectionate they are. There’s no protocol that tells them they can’t hug or kiss or touch. There’s no rulebook like that. Each senior member of the royal family is trusted to make the judgment calls of what’s appropriate and when.”

It looks like, if the duchess has her way, she and Prince Harry may be somewhat more affectionate in public than other members of the family. As for her style choices, no matter who the designer, the Meghan Markle affect sends her style choices flying off shelves.