’90 Day Fiance’ Star, Russ, Fires Back At Viewers Who Slammed Paola For Sexy Photos

Russ and Paola Mayfield, the stars of the hit reality show 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever, are facing harsh criticism after a recent episode in which Paola did a body paint during a photo shoot, In Touch Weekly reports. But Russ is defending his wife’s honor in an Instagram post that fires back at the people who had negative things to say

“I’m honestly not the jealous type and although I’d had preferred to keep my wife’s curves a mystery especially when it comes to the lusting creeps out there,” he wrote in a caption of a photo where they’re kissing and he has his hands on her exposed derriere. “I accept and am proud of my wife for the beautiful woman she is and she’s all mine but like most relationships, we find ourselves with differing opinions at times and love costs and takes effort for it to work.”

Russ went on to add that he’s tired of people claiming that his wife doesn’t love him and that she’s only with him for his money. He insisted that what viewers see on 90 Day Fiance is just a slice of their life and does not represent the true state of their relationship.

As In Touch Weekly notes, on a recent episode of the show, Russ seemed uncomfortable with the fact that Paola, who works as a model, was participating in a topless photoshoot where she was covered in bodypaint. Paola’s parents were there and when she asked her dad it was okay he said yes, because the concept was “artistic.”

Russ, on the other hand, expressed his discomfort. Even though her parents were there, he still said that he wasn’t okay with wife’s body being “exposed” on television.

“The fact that Pao’s parents are here watching the photoshoot — it’s not making me feel any more comfortable because Pao’s parents and I have not always seen eye to eye on Pao’s modeling career,” Russ said, according to In Touch. “I do feel outnumbered here.”

As their bio on the TLC website states, Paola migrated to the United States from Colombia to marry Russ, who is from Oklahoma. One of their main sources of strife emerged when Paola struggled to fit into her new environment. She also faced lots of challenges in building her career as a model and actress.

But despite their growing pains, Russ and Paola stayed together. There were even recent rumors that Paola might even be pregnant, The Hollywood Gossip reports. The speculation stemmed from an episode in which the couple travels back to Colombia. Paola’s ailing grandmother seems to start talking about pregnancy, but her words were difficult for viewers to understand.

Some fans jumped to the conclusion that a baby was on the way. But The Hollywood Gossip points out that if she was pregnant then, Paola would be showing now and there have been no signs of a baby bump in her recent social media photos. Of course, she could be “pulling a Kylie Jenner” and hiding her pregnancy news until she feels ready to share. Only time will tell.