More Details Revealed About ‘Southern Charm’ Thomas Ravenel Alleged Sex Tape

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Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel continues to be the subject of a lot of talk since he was accused by two women of sexual assault. A story has made the rounds for years that a tape involving Ravenel and two female partners was out there, as were stills from said tape, but just this week, what was previously a blind item on Crazy Days & Nights was revealed as being about Ravenel, according to Enty.

“This A- list reality star who used to be famous for something else in his life should be on the lookout for that coke filled sex tape he probably doesn’t remember shooting. It will end whatever career he has left, which shouldn’t be any after his past actions.”

But now we know some more about one of the others in what editor Will Folks of FitsNews is calling a “sex romp.” Kathryn Dennis brought up this matter on the Southern Charm Season 2 reunion, by saying that Ravenel was having sex with a “lesbian” and then alluded to the video that was made with two “lesbians.” Ravenel tried to turn things around on Dennis and accuse her of the same, but the first alleged partner in question said she had never met Dennis.

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The primary woman in question is active duty military and her name is not going to be published at this time without permission. Folks, who once worked with Ravenel on his political campaign (and made an appearance himself on Southern Charm), says that the woman was involved with several prominent South Carolina politicians at the time that the alleged 2015 tape was made.

“Both Ravenel and Dennis accused each other of having an affair with this woman – a 34-year-old Army veteran, who has reportedly been involved romantically with several prominent Palmetto politicos in recent years.”

Folks says that several people claim to have seen screencaps from a particularly wild night, including individuals in the media and on the cast and crew of Southern Charm.

According to Folks, it’s puzzling why Ravenel would be so quick to deny that it’s possible a tape and photos are making the rounds because he’s already hit rock bottom when it comes to embarrassment.

“Frankly, we don’t see what the fuss is about. Sex tapes are pretty commonplace these days, and ‘sex tape scandals’ are routinely used to create news stories that drive up the ratings of shows like Southern Charm. And it’s not like Ravenel can really embarrass himself any further, right?”