Catelynn Lowell Worries Fans With Cryptic Note Saying She’s ‘So Scared Right Now’

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Teen Mom OG star Catelynn Lowell has been through a lot of ups and downs, especially over the past couple of years. She has always been fairly open with her fans about her struggles and she recently shared a post on Instagram that has left some Teen Mom fans feeling concerned.

Catelynn Lowell shared a post on Instagram that shared a quote by David Mitchell about being scared of the past and future, as well as nervous at the moment. Along with the photo detailing the quote, the Teen Mom OG star said that she was feeling very scared. Lowell didn’t explain exactly what it was that had her scared, but she did add that she knows that whatever is supposed to happen will happen.

Catelynn also said that she is strong and has “got this,” noting that she believes whatever her destiny is meant to be will be. The cryptic message did alarm some of the Teen Mom star’s followers, and many stepped up to lend their support or share their similar experiences with depression and anxiety.

Lowell’s post comes not long after her husband, Tyler Baltierra, posted on Instagram about depression and anxiety as well. The Teen Mom star shared a photo of himself and a lengthy note that he ended with the hashtag “PoetryIsMyBrainsFreedom.” The note details the hurt caused by living with anxiety and depression, explaining that it feels like it’s an evil, dire tone that distracts from being able to see the potential for positivity in life.

Living with this depression & anxiety causes hurt. Its brain is like an alien stuck in a foreign body. That body just keeps getting up, it keeps putting on these clothes & it goes about the day doing whatever is required. But It barely eats, it’s always weak & it’s always tired. But I’m so confused, I just don’t get it, because if it’s so weak & it’s so tired, then why can’t it sleep when it’s time for its mind to retire. It’s like its mind is this tire that keeps spinning in circles & it gets lost every time it takes a spin while driving on that thin of a wire. But even though it lacks the ability to see what is required, that doesn’t mean It’s not allowed to desire the love & compassion every other human being desires. It feels like it’s a conspire to not have known this information prior because now all these thoughts in its brain caused by all these demons inside won’t stop talking with such an evil tone that’s dire...& that tone distracts it from ever being able to see the positivity in this life it could actually acquire #PoetryIsMyBrainsFreedom

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As Teen Mom OG fans know, Lowell recently went to rehab for the third time. InTouch notes that Catelynn has heard from skeptics and critics who question whether she’s put in a full effort to address her issues and get better. She’s pushed back against that, noting that she’s been working hard and that she wouldn’t wish these challenges on her worst enemies.

Catelynn noted in another recent Instagram post that adoption remains really hard some days. Lowell posted a note about open adoption and added that while she doesn’t regret placing her first daughter up for adoption, some days are harder than others. This is certainly a sentiment that many birth moms can identify with, and Teen Mom viewers know that Catelynn and Tyler have struggled over the years in maintaining their open adoption with Carly and her adoptive parents.

Teen Mom OG stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra may both be facing some intense struggles related to anxiety and depression these days, sometimes sharing enough that their fans feel concerned. At the same time, it sounds as if they are both doing their best to understand and work through these challenges, finding ways to take care of themselves so they can move forward to a healthier place.