Jenelle Evans Says She Treats Her Kids ‘Like Gold,’ Blames Mother For Strained Relationship With Son, Jace

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Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans recently spoke out about her son, Jace, 8, using foul language, and her rocky relationship with her mother, Barbara Evans. Now, Jenelle is continuing her tirade against her mom.

According to a July 7 report by Pop Culture, Jenelle Evans previously blamed her mother, Barbara, for an incident that was captured by Teen Mom 2 cameras. During Monday’s brand new episode, Jace is seen returning to his grandmother’s home after spending spring break with Jenelle and her husband, David Eason, and it seems that things didn’t go well.

When Barbara asked Jace what happened during his stay, he revealed that Jenelle and David refused to allow his younger brother, Kaiser, to come along with the family on a boat trip. Instead, Jace claims that the pair put Kaiser in daycare. When Barbara asked Jace why they didn’t take Kaiser with them, he claimed it’s because they are both “a piece of s—.”

Later, Jenelle Evans revealed that if Jace lived with her he would never be using that kind of language, and that she blames her mom, who has had custody of Jace since he was a baby, for his bad behavior, and disrespect toward her and her husband.

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However, later in the day, Jenelle Evans elaborated more on the situation, claiming that she and David Eason treat their children like “gold,” especially compared to how her parents treated her, which she says Jace is now experiencing by living with her mother.

“I never f– left my child. We treat the children like gold compared to what I grew up with, which Jace is also experiencing. All he sees and hears is everything my mom tells him. Just like Jace being surprised that David actually works and owns a business.”

The Teen Mom 2 star went on to reveal that she believes Barbara has poisoned Jace against her, and that her son doesn’t even know her anymore.

“My mom talked so much s– about me and David my son doesn’t even know me anymore. You can say ‘you and David argue all the time’ but people that know us personally know we are fine, so you can stop repeating rumors.”

Jenelle Evans also revealed that she had believed she and her mother had been rebuilding their relationship over the past few weeks, especially since they haven’t been filming Teen Mom 2. However, it seems that things have taken a rocky turn for the mother and daughter yet again.