Maisie Williams’ ‘Game Of Thrones’ Farewell Shocks Fans As Sophie Turner Teases ‘Unpredictable’ Ending

Kevork DjansezianGetty Images

The Stark sisters are two Game of Thrones fan favorites who were fortunate enough to survive until the HBO show’s final season, but will both women still be on the board when the game comes to an end? Some of Maisie Williams’ Instagram followers think that she just dropped a major hint about her character’s fate, and it has them breathing a sigh of relief. However, her seemingly reassuring words came as her onscreen sister and offscreen BFF, Sophie Turner, was teasing the series’ “unpredictable” ending, so perhaps Arya Stark fans still have reason to be concerned about their favorite character.

On Saturday, Maisie Williams took to Instagram to reveal that she is now finished filming Season 8 of Game of Thrones. She shared some emotional words of farewell, but what her followers can’t quit buzzing about is the cryptic photo that they were accompanied by, as well as a hashtag that has some fans convinced that Arya Stark is going to survive the final battles to come. However, as noted by Bustle, fans may be misconstruing the meaning of Maisie’s words.

“Goodbye belfast. goodbye arya. goodbye game of thrones. what a joy i’ve had. here’s to the adventures to come #lastwomanstanding #barely #immasleepforthenextfouryears #justkiddingidontsleep,” Maisie wrote.

The 21-year-old actress’ post included a photo of her feet. In the snapshot, she’s wearing shoes spattered with what appears to be a copious amount of fake blood, but she’s not in costume; she has on a pair of white sneakers and rolled-up skinny jeans.

Some Game of Thrones fans reacted to the “lastwomanstanding” hashtag with glee, thinking that it means that Arya Stark will live on as the show’s other major female characters — who include universally hated Queen of the Seven Kingdoms Cersei Lannister — lose their lives in the fight for the Iron Throne or the war with the Night King and his army of wights and White Walkers. Some fans even believe that Arya will end up ruling the Seven Kingdoms.

“Of COURSE she’s the last woman standing,” wrote one fan.

“The rightful heir to the iron throne,” another remarked.

However, as pointed out by Bustle, it’s possible that Maisie simply meant that she was the last woman left filming. After all, if Arya doesn’t perish, wouldn’t this mean that Sansa lives, too? The Stark sisters have already proven their father’s words, “the pack survives,” right by teaming up to take down one of the most dangerous, conniving men in Westeros, and there was no indication that they were going to go their separate ways when Game of Thrones fans last saw the face-stealing assassin and the Lady of Winterfell.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Sophie Turner has also hinted that her character will evolve into an even stronger woman during the final season of the show, describing the new Sansa Stark as a “warrior.”


Unfortunately for Game of Thrones fans who think that they’ve figured out how the show is going to end, Sophie Turner recently suggested that, much like her cousin Jon Snow, they know nothing.

“People have come up with so many fan theories about how it’s going to end, and who will end up where, and who will end up with who,” she recently told Digital Spy. “It really is so unpredictable the way that it ends up.”

Luckily, Sophie believes that viewers will be happy with the way Game of Thrones ends, even if they don’t get the ending that they expected or desired.

“I’m very satisfied with [the ending’s unpredictability], and I think that the fans will be satisfied with that, too,” she said.