July 7, 2018
Tesla's Model 3 Now Has The Ability To Magically Park Itself Thanks To New Summon Feature

Just like Tesla's Model S and Model X, the Model 3 now has the ability to magically park itself with the handy Summon feature which was part of the new 2018.24 software update. Drivers should take note that it also has the capability to open and close garage doors as well. Tesla has confirmed that by using Summon, their Model 3 can drive itself up to 39 feet unless it finds an obstacle blocking the car's way, which it is able to detect through the use of ultrasonic sensors.

While Tesla's Summon feature is only meant to be used on private property, Model 3 owners now no longer have to worry about getting into their cars, opening garage doors and then waiting for them to shut again before they drive off. Your car will do it all for you and be ready to drive as soon as you exit your house. And as The Drive note, if you happen to be at a friend's home and are worried about your car possibly blocking the path of another, Summon will alleviate all your concerns.

As Elon Musk eloquently put it in a tweet, "Note, no one is in the car or controlling remotely. Car is driving entirely by itself."

AP Images | David Zalubowski

Getting your Tesla Model 3 to park itself is relatively painless with Summon and simply requires you to line the car up as you normally would, after which you're completely free to hop right out and use the Tesla smartphone app or your key fob to get it to park itself for you.

When you're ready to leave you have only to repeat this process and your car will exit its parking spot and be waiting for you to drive off into the sunset with your favorite music playing.

Ever the visionary, back in 2016 when Elon Musk first described Summon for the Tesla Model S and Model X, he shared his long-term goal of a car that could look after itself, describing a world in which cars could drive by themselves even over quite long distances, as Wired reports.

"Ultimately, you'll be able to summon your car from anywhere. The car can physically get to you."
Tesla has ramped up its production to such an extent that during the last week of the second quarter the company managed to produce 5,031 Model 3 units during a seven-day period, far exceeding their goal of manufacturing 5,000 Model 3 cars every week.

Tesla's all-electric Model 3 is currently being sold for $35,000 as its starting price, and with their new Summon feature and the car's ability to park itself and open and close garage doors, in addition to all of its other features, Elon Musk's dream of a fully-automated car is swiftly coming true, something its owners will undoubtedly be grateful for.