July 7, 2018
Melania's Presence Expected To Help Trump's Visit To UK In Midst Of Planned Protests

As Trump prepares to visit the UK next week, protesters are also getting ready for his arrival. Around 50,000 people are expected to march in an anti-Trump protest in London, with groups like Vegans Against Trump, Muslims Against Trump, and Trumpeters Against Trump taking part in the mix, according to The Guardian.

Luckily for Trump, his wife Melania is planning on going to the UK with him, which is expected to help ease tensions. Melania seemingly has the opposite effect on the press and the public than her husband does. While Trump's image is harsh, brash, and loud, Melania's image is of a soft-spoken, caring individual -- sometimes depicted almost as a victim for being Trump's wife.

Branding expert Claire Shields said that "Melania has shown interest in issues that are close to most people's hearts, such as visiting sick children in hospital.... This emotive connection and involvement could well be continued during her visit here to the UK, at a time when Donald's visit will undoubtedly cause friction and dissent among the British public," detailed Albawaba.

Shields also cited Melania's past visits to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to pay respects to injured military personnel, the "healing garden" at a Washington children's hospital, and Fourth of July picnic as being key to people's perception of her as a caring individual.

Melania has also taken a firm stance against cyber-bullying, which many find ironic considering that Trump uses Twitter to attack, fire, and belittle others.

And while her husband and Attorney General Jeff Sessions took a hard-line stance on migrants arriving at the U.S. border, Melania responded by visiting children at a detention center. Also when she was shown a photo of a boy sitting in a desert carrying a note in Spanish that said "I am looking for my mother," she responded with the exclamation: "Oh God," reported the Independent. It's just another example of how Melania adds a bit of humanity to the business-mogul Trump's rhetoric and actions.

During the UK visit, Trump will also be avoiding the London protests by only spending one night in the city on his arrival date. In addition to meeting with the Queen at Windsor Castle, he'll be heading to Scotland for two days.

While officials say that Trump is not trying to purposefully avoid the protesters, it appears that he'll be absent from the main hub of action. Anti-Trump British protesters, meanwhile, will be fired up in droves, as migrants, LGBTQ activists, and others plan to make their voices heard.