Iggy Azalea’s ‘Kream’ Video Features Lots Of Twerking From The Australian Rapper

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Iggy Azalea’s “Kream” video has been released and it’s very twerk-heavy. In the almost three-minute clip for Azalea’s song with Tyga, we see the Australian rapper dressed in a revealing leotard and fishnets as she dances alongside a group of other women on the front lawn of a house. At other points in the video, Azalea twerks in front of an oven full of cash and writhes around on a bed alongside the rapper formerly known as Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend.

“Kream” is one of two singles that she’s released to promote her forthcoming EP, Surviving The Summer. The other song is called “Tokyo Snow Drip.” Surviving The Summer will be her first major release since 2014’s The New Classic and its later reissue, Reclassified. This is a comeback album for the embattled artist who has faced record label issues and damning claims of cultural appropriation.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Azalea recently confessed that she had thought about giving up on her dreams of being an artist. During a recent Instagram Live session with fans, the rapper revealed that she felt her rap skills weren’t up to par and that she doubted whether she had a future in the industry.

She isn’t giving up though and her new music is a testament to that.

“I feel like I’m finally getting to put out music I want to put out,” she added.

(Warning, the video below is NSFW.)

Iggy Azalea has not had a smooth journey through the rap scene. She started off as an indie artist, putting out racy music videos on YouTube. But the record companies came calling and after some initial snags, she got a deal with Def Jam Records and put out “Fancy,” a track that became the song of the summer in 2014.

As Billboard reports, “Fancy” spent seven weeks on the Hot 100 chart that year and Azalea received four Grammy Award nominations. She also appeared on Ariana Grande’s smash hit at the time, “Problem.”


At the height of her success, Azalea announced a 21-stop tour called “The Great Escape” which never became a reality. During her time at the top, she was dogged by accusations that she was a cultural appropriator, a white Australian using a historically African-American artform to become famous. Fellow rapper, Azalea Banks was one of the main voices that called out Iggy during that time.

Billboard notes that her name became linked to a number of Twitter feuds, one of them with pizza-chain, Papa John’s. The hype surrounding her music started to die down.

“Before it was like, ‘We’re at the top of the mountain, and we have to stay at the top,'” she says.”I slid down the mountain a bit.”


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Surviving The Summer is expected to be released later this month.