’90 Day Fiance’ Preview: Azan Admits He’s Using Nicole, And David And Annie Move Into A Storage Facility

Just when you think things can’t get any worse for the couples on the hit TLC show, 90 Day Fiance, they prove that there’s no such thing as “rock bottom.”

First up are David and Annie, the Kentucky-based couple that most fans of the show take pity on. According to Hollywood Life, the couple is now looking to move into a storage facility, where they can live for free if David gets a job there.

Fans of the show already know that the beleaguered 90 Day Fiance couple is currently living in a firehouse given to them by David’s ex-business partner, Chris. While, initially, David and Annie were permitted to live there for free, they got told that they could no longer live there unless they paid $1,000 a month in rent.

Because David doesn’t have a job, and Annie can’t get a job until her paperwork is in order, they’ve had to leave the firehouse.

David, for his part, doesn’t want to get a job at the storage facility because he feels he can do better with his “master’s degree.”

What’s more, the storage facility doesn’t have the best of amenities — there’s no stove, there’s no running water, and they can’t open any of the windows!

But that’s nothing compared to the 90 Day Fiance drama going over in Nicole and Azan’s house.

According to Monsters and Critics, apparently, the only person who doesn’t know that Azan is using Nicole is Nicole herself.

But this week, Azan is going to make clear that he’s merely using Nicole for citizenship purposes.

Last week, he dismissed her concerns about his previous K-1 visa as “something not to worry about,” but in reality, many of Azan’s ex-girlfriends have come forward and said Azan has a reputation for merely using women for their money and their citizenship status.

In the case of his ex-girlfriend from Belarus, he “overstayed” his K-1 visa, meaning he’ll not be allowed to get another K visa of any kind in the future.

Other things that have tipped fans off about Azan’s real motives include his constant belittling her about her weight, his failure to show any type of affection for her, and his insistence on taking her money for himself rather than get a job of his own.

A new episode of 90 Day Fiance airs tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. EST on TLC, and it will be followed by the first-ever 90 Day Fiance Live.