NBA Rumors: Cavaliers Coach Tyronn Lue Was ‘Shocked’ LeBron James Signed With Los Angeles Lakers

Jamie SabauGetty Images

Tyronn Lue and the Cleveland Cavaliers had a rough season in 2017-18, but were able to make it to the NBA Finals despite the struggles. LeBron James took his game to a new level in the playoffs to get his team through the Eastern Conference playoff picture. Unfortunately, the Cavaliers no longer have the best player in the league on their side.

As almost every single NBA fan knows, James decided to leave the Cavaliers and sign with the Los Angeles Lakers. It was a heartbreaking moment for the entire city of Cleveland and it shocked Cavaliers’ head coach Tyronn Lue, according to a report shared by Bleacher Report.

“I was shocked…. He said this decision was solely for him and his family. I can live with that.”

Lue may have been shocked, but most fans in Cleveland had a feeling that this decision was coming. James seemed to be one foot out the door to begin the offseason. Rumors were swirling from the second the Cavaliers were swept out of the Finals that James was strongly considering leaving for Los Angeles.

Dan Gilbert has lost the best player in the world for the second time and fans in Cleveland are worried. Lue and company will have to shock a lot of fans and media analysts to have a chance in the East in 2018-19. Cleveland simply doesn’t have much talent without James on the court.

Kevin Love will be the top star in town, with veterans Tristan Thompson, George Hill, and J.R. Smith leading the way along with him. Collin Sexton, who the Cavaliers took with the No. 8 overall pick in the 2018 NBA Draft, will also be asked to play a major role immediately.


Not only will the Cavaliers have a major adjustment to make, Lue will have to change his coaching style as well. He no longer has the best player in the league to bail him out late in games. Cleveland will need him to prove that he is worthy of being an NBA head coach without James powering his team.

James made the decision for his family. He is taking his sons to Los Angeles to continue their basketball careers, while also living in a city that can further his own legacy.

If James were to lead the Lakers to an NBA title, there would be plenty of people who would join the opinion that James is the best player of All-Time.

All of that being said, it will be interesting to see what Lue and the Cavaliers are able to accomplish this season. Things won’t be easy, but this is an opportunity for the rest of the players to prove that they weren’t just pieces built around James and are capable of winning games without him.