July 7, 2018
Trump Supporter And Minister Now Detained And Facing Deportation

Jorge Ramirez considers himself a Republican, supported Trump during his candidacy for presidency, and encouraged his daughter to vote for Trump. Ramirez supported the president even though he had a tough stance on immigration, because as he recounted, Trump spoke of people like him while campaigning.

"Trump said, 'Let's keep all the good people here and all the bad people out... That's great, but I'm here... If I'm here, anybody can be here. I'm not saying I'm the best person in the world, but I've tried to live a good life."

Ramirez has been detained since May, and his lawyer is working on building a solid case against his deportation. These include letters of support, evidence of paying taxes, and a list of his children's accomplishments, detailed the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Ramirez's lawyer recently submitted over 200 pages of documentation in order to build the support for his case. But because it was so much paperwork, the judge has rescheduled his court date for August. That means even more time in detention, as his family and community continue to pray for a positive outcome.

In addition to working as a satellite TV tech, Ramirez is also the music minister at the Apostolic Church in the Oceanside area. He has never been convicted of a crime, nor has he been deported in the past.

And his experience in detention has also shown him that there are others facing deportation that are "good people," which bothers him.

Ramirez first came to America when he was 11-years-old. Later in his life, although he was an illegal immigrant, he still felt compelled to enlist in the army to serve America. However, he was denied the opportunity to do so due to his immigration status.

During the presidential campaign, Trump said many things about immigration. He initially said that every illegal immigrant should be deported, which would have affected around 11.3 million people. However, Trump later said that deportation should be for those who "are criminal and have criminal records, gang members, drug dealers," according to the BBC. The number of illegal immigrants in the U.S. with a criminal history is believed to be around 2 million to 3 million people.

And that promise is what Ramirez heard and accepted. Because after all, it made sense that criminals ought to be deported in order to "make America great again."

However, the reality of the situation is that others like Ramirez with no criminal history are still being targeted for deportation.