Trust in Advertisers? When hell freezes over maybe.

There’s a story floating around the web today about how Google is backing a United Kingdom effort by its association of advertisers to rebuild the public’s trust in advertisers.

The initiative with a working title of Front Foot was launched last month by Advertising Association after they found out from a research project that fewer than one in six people trust advertisers. How much Google is investing in the Front Foot foundation is not known at this time but it does come a month after reaching an agreement with the Advertising Standards Authority.

“Google relies on targeted, useful and trusted advertising to fund our search engine and all our products,” said Matt Brittin, Google’s UK managing director. “We’re very pleased to give our support to the Advertising Association and its work to research and improve confidence in advertising, and we look forward to working with the other members of the AA to ensure the UK remains a world leader in advertising.”

Source: Guardian Online

As for trusting advertisers who are they trying to kid. No foundation or standards is going to change the perception that advertising at its best is nothing more than the practice of deceiving people into buying crap they really don’t need.