WWE News: ‘Raw’ Preview, Finn Balor And Baron Corbin Added To ‘Extreme Rules’


WWE Raw is seemingly in coast mode as we creep along to Extreme Rules. Many pundits and fans feel that the WWE tends to phone-it-in during this time of year until we near SummerSlam, and the last several repetitive Raw episodes is fodder for that theory. The WWE hasn’t even booked a single match for Monday’s show, but for better or for worse, they are hyping some storylines.

Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley

Many fans, and even some involved in the industry, seem to be displeased with the Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley program. Reigns wasn’t over with the WWE universe when he was in a program with much more popular superstars than Bobby, like Brock Lesnar, and working against Lashley is not doing either competitor any favors. Lashley is a gifted athlete, but there is a reason why he didn’t rise to main-event status in his first go around with the WWE, and now, years later, he has an even steeper hill to climb.

When two faces collide it’s either a great reaction or one that garners little to no reaction; judging by fans’ responses of the last few episodes of Raw, it looks like this will be the latter. The audience often doesn’t know who to root for when two of their favorites square off, and in this case, the two wrestlers involved can hardly be described as favorites. Even still, the WWE is hyping up another confrontation between these two on Raw ahead of their Extreme Rules match.

Bayley and Sasha Banks

A couple of weeks ago, Bayley seemingly turned heel, and the crowd loved it. Now, it seems the WWE is walking that move back a bit, and they are simply having Sasha Banks and Bayley attend therapy. This was a very entertaining segment when Kane and Daniel Bryan did this several years ago, and it looks to be working for Bayley and Banks. “The Hugger” made fans laugh with her impression of “The Boss,” and hopefully we get more of that kind of humor on next week’s Raw.

Finn Balor and Baron Corbin

Balor is a talented wrestler that the WWE seemingly doesn’t have a plan for. After he became the first-ever WWE universal champion, he had to drop the belt immediately because of an injury he sustained during that contest. Ever since his return, Balor has been in mid-card city, and fans have largely been disappointed at the way he’s been booked.

As the Inquisitr reported, eight matches have already been scheduled for Extreme Rules, and recently the WWE added another one to the already stacked card: Finn Balor versus Baron Corbin. The WWE explains the setup to this contest, and what we can expect on Monday’s Raw.

“After Constable Baron Corbin didn’t get the apology he wanted from Finn Balor on Monday night for their tag team failure the week prior, the pair took their rivalry to social media, and following an intensely personal back-and-forth in which Corbin called into question Balor’s toughness and even his in-ring accomplishments before WWE, Raw General Manager Kurt Angle made Balor vs. Corbin official for WWE Extreme Rules. Now, WWE’s first Universal Champion will have a chance to prove what he can truly do when he battles The Constable.

“Will Balor bring the fight to Corbin before their newly sanctioned match, or will Corbin use his authority to keep The Extraordinary Man at bay?”

Kevin Owens and Braun Strowman

On a high note, Owens and Strowman are two of the most talented superstars on Raw, and their recent comedic program is a welcomed one. Last week we saw “The Monster in the Bank” lock “KO” in a portable toilet and throw it off of the stage. The WWE has strongly hinted that more shenanigans between these two will ensue on Monday. Kevin and Braun will likely end up facing each other at Extreme Rules. While a 10-match card may be a bit overwhelming, these two incredible talents certainly deserve to be featured on it.

WWE Raw airs live on Monday on the USA Network at 8 p.m. EST.